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How to Determine the Worth of a Project Manager?

Project management community has expanded to multiple channels including social media and dedicated discussion forums. Project is number 1 forum of project managers....
Expert Business Consultant Kamyar Shah -

Interview with Expert Business Consultant: Kamyar Shah

Kamyar Shah is a senior business consultant with a remarkable successful career spanning over 14 years. He owns his own consulting business and has...

TaskQue Wins Rising Star and Great User Experience 2017 Awards from FinancesOnline

TaskQue was recently reviewed by FinancesOnline and got an overall rating of 8 out of 10. TaskQue is proud to announce that it has...
All You Need To Know About PMO - TaskQue Blog

All You Need To Know About Project Management Office (PMO)

PMO stands for Project Management Office. Most of us know that, right? But what does it exactly mean? What are the key functions and...
How Project Managers Can Make Better Decisions - TaskQue Blog

How Project Managers Can Make Better Decisions with These 8 Tips

As humans, we’re defined by our DNA, our morphology, but as people we’re defined by the decisions we make and the decisions that we...
Energy efficient startups in 2017 - TaskQue Blog

Top 10 Energy Efficient Startups to Watch Out For In 2017

For millions of years, the changes in Earth’s climate have been governed and driven by the forces of nature. But for the last century,...
Secure Funds for Your Startup - TaskQue Blog

7 Ways to Secure Funds for Your Startup

I’m not gonna start off by telling how tough and frustrating it can be to secure funds for your startup. I’m sure most of...

Water Innovation and Technology: 10 Companies to Watch Out For In 2017

Earth, whom 7 billion of us and countless other life-forms call home, is one humongous living body like its residents. Like our bodies, on...
PRINCE2 PM Methodology - TaskQue Blog

PRINCE2 Project Management Methodology: A Bird’s Eye View

 Gone are the days when project management used to have a few simple principles. In today’s project management scenario, those few principles have grown...
8 Startup Mistakes That Can Derail Your Business - TaskQue Blog

8 Startup Mistakes That Can Negatively Impact Your Business

Every new startup, aspiring businessman wishes to make it to the top. He spends so many sleepless nights trying to come up with just...

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