3 Effective Ways to Avoid Management Flaws and Improve Teamwork


Believe it or not, mistakes provide great learning opportunities. At some point, we all commit to not make mistakes in the first place, but mistakes happen. Taking them seriously and learning how to avoid them will help you become more productive and successful. In this blog, I’ll discuss how you can avoid the most common leadership flaws and management errors and show you ways to improve teamwork.

The most common yet damaging leadership mistakes that usually undermine teams are:

  •        Inconsistent collaboration between teams
  •        Lack of clarity of strategy and goals
  •        Lack of ownership and accountability
  •        Collaboration is missing somewhere

These mistakes not only erode trust betwee managers and team members but they also bring perception of unfairness. In the end, these management errors will cause team members to apply less discretionary energy to customers and goals. Most of the leaders don’t realize that they are making mistakes.

They think that they are doing their best. What leaders should do is to periodically examine how their team is functioning. Following these easy steps can help leaders avoid committing mistakes, improve clarity and trust and get their team on the right track, improve teamwork and efficiency.

1. Stay Focused

1-stay-focusedBeing a leader you must formalize your team’s organizational constitution, outlining your team or company vision and purpose, values and behaviors, strategies and goals.

When these agreements are clear, leaders will be easily demonstrating these behaviors, improve the misaligned behaviors promptly.  They need to communicate these expectations in a number of ways, regularly in every interaction.

2. Stay Connected2-stay-connected

Leaders are advised to open communication channels with a variety of members in their team or organization. You can create informal groups to engage your every team member on a frequent basis. Proactively collaborating how strategy, decisions and actions will align with the team’s organizational constitution will ultimately put yourself towards the road of success.

3. Stay Engaged

Effective leaders understand their primstay engagedary responsibility and engage with their team members to provide the clear direction, connection and support to help them thrive in their roles.

Serving your team and taking ownership means that you are responsible for the blame and give credit to your whole team.

This way you will be able to eliminate employee stress and frustration while praising and encouraging the efforts and accomplishments of your team members. Holding people responsible for their commitments and delegating authority and responsibility to the right resource will help you efficiently engage your team members.

Leaders should always be willing to listen to their team members and consider their valuable feedback to promote the transparent work culture. They must refine their behaviors, guide their resources, and set team practices to align performance and sanity in their business.