4 Creative Ways To Promote Your Brand


Remember, the very core of establishing your business in the niche you belong to has a lot to do with fostering your company’s branding or identity. If you don’t foster your brand, you’re putting your business on the losing end.

You just can’t ignore promoting your brand—it’s an essential aspect of running a business after all. It also allows your enterprise to be competitive and to stand out from other businesses. 

However, nowadays, you shouldn’t just settle for any regular means of promotion. You must take it one step further and ensure that it’s creative enough to capture the public’s attention.

While promoting your brand isn’t a guarantee of overnight success, it’s worth putting all the effort and squeezing all your creative juices to get the word out about your business. If you’re having a hard time thinking of how you can do that, continue reading.

  1. Utilize Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is an online business directory that has been around for quite some time now. Today, it’s one of the most effective and innovative means to promote your brand. And it’s surprising to know that some businesses still haven’t established their presence on that digital business directory. If you’re one of those businesses, then you’re missing out a lot. 

Having an account and profile in GMB allows you to become easily searchable in Google and even in other search engines. Just think of how so many internet users today are dependent on searching on the internet to find businesses. Regardless if you’re just a USB retailer with a carefully curated selection or a small online thrift store, you should have a profile in GMB.

With a business profile in GMB, people will find you whenever they’re on the hunt for any information related to your businesses, products, and services. With that said, if you don’t have an account yet in GMB, then it’s time for you to create one. If you do have one, then perhaps you’d want to improve your page with the following tips:

  • Provide as much information as you can about your business. GMB allows businesses to put in a wide range of information as they please in their accounts. Aside from the usual pertinent pieces of information business address, contact details, and operating hours, businesses can also add videos, images, and even a virtual tour of their shop, workplace, or office.
  • Post regular content, to attract new and potential customers. Also, always keep your profile up-to-date. If you’ve recently remodeled your store, post new photos of it. If you have something new on the menu or new arrivals for your wholesale shop, post photos of these as well. Doing so can help get the word out about your business’ existence on the world wide web.
  1. Create A Strong Presence Physically

If you have a physical store, you must strive to make it attractive to the public. When it’s been a long time since you gave your store a facelift, perhaps now you’d want to consider doing so. 

Let your creativity shine in making your store look more visually appealing to your target market. By doing so, your physical store by itself can promote your brand and advertise your business. As a bonus, making your store eye-catching allows you to drive more foot traffic towards it.

Some of the things that you can also do—aside from sprucing up—to drive more people into your shop are the following:

  • Keep your store-front well-maintained and fun. It’s as simple as switching the display from time to time to make it attractive, cleaning the glass windows, and repainting any peeling paint.
  • Add some curbside extras. This means making the most out of your curbside by adding attractive visuals and signs. Think, promotions and other sales, new arrivals, or your menu of the day.
  • Host retail events in-store. If you have an upcoming anniversary or store specials, instead of hosting the event in an event’s place, why not utilize your physical store for that. You can schedule hourly events during the day to control the crowd and effectively create a strong store presence.
  1. Bring Out Customer Rewards

It usually costs more to attract new customers to your business than it’s to take care of and reward loyal customers. So, it makes a lot of sense that you should utilize using to give away customer loyalty rewards from time to time. It doesn’t have to be anything big and fancy. Giving away small discount codes, birthday treats, and branded merchandise can do the trick.

It may seem counter-intuitive for you to have to spend on rewarding customer loyalty, but it’s a strategy that generates returns. After all, loyal customers have a higher propensity to get the word out about your business, through word-of-mouth marketing, simply because they’re pleased with your services. Aside from bringing in new customers, they may also do more business with you.

  1. Promote On Social Media

Social media is a hit and no one can deny that. And with the number of people being active on social media, it’s an ideal market that you should take advantage of. You should get your brand exposed on most social media platforms through regular posting and paid ads.

For instance, post short videos on social media platforms for people to know what your business is about. Aside from social media platforms, you can also post video content on video-sharing sites to expand your reach.

In addition, be sure to ride out trends. If a certain topic becomes viral, make sure to join in the fun. Aside from that, learn how to manage your social media accounts as well. Know what kind of posts people love to see and share.


With the creative means to promote your brand as enumerated above, now you’ll see that there are so many things you can do to spread the good word about your business. The more creative you are, the better. After all, there is no universal same way to approach brand promotion. 

Moreover, it’s up to you to choose the means which resonate the most with your brand for it to stand out from the rest. As you can see, marketing your brand’s existence also doesn’t have to be expensive. Whatever strategy works, for as long as you know it’s the best possible option for your business.