4 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Achieve More In Less Time

Achieve More

Are you one of those people who start projects and leave them without finishing them? If yes, this blog is for you. Many of us are eager to start projects and put them into motion – a new craft, a business idea, or home improvements. We love the notion of ‘starting things’ but sadly most of us fail to end the project. Not because we are not willing enough, but because we are overwhelmed by ideas, people, and circumstances around us.There can be plenty of reasons why you lost your initial enthusiasm about the project, be it failure to plan, running out of cash, stumbling on a roadblock, or lack of commitment. Rather than quitting the project altogether, we put it on delay, day after day, week after week, and month after month, until it is too late to get a hold on things. But what if we deal with the problem before it even originates. We all know that we do this on purpose, and to overcome this bad habit we can adopt some strategies that can help us avoid this devastating outcome.

As we all understand that an idle project signifies wasted time, resources and energy, and it even sucks too much of your energy. But once you pour all your energy into one task, magic happens.

Here are 4 ridiculously simple ways to achieve more in less time.

1) Focus on one thing at a time

Before you step into anything, look into all the unfinished projects & prioritize the ones that are important plus urgent. Which assignments can cause you real damage? Which are the ones that are almost done? And what about the never-ending proposals that you are putting away from quite some time? Mostly, things go south when you fail to assign tasks to idle resources. But thanks to technology, with effective online task management tools you can easily assign tasks to your idle resources. The trick is to figure out what are your most urgent tasks and delegate them for faster processing.

2) Plan things in detail

To get things done faster, make sure you devise an action plan. Set up categories for every project and list down necessary steps to achieve them. Without putting down the projects on paper, your tasks will be stumbling in your mind. Which is not at all advised. Keep the writing simple. No need to create diaries or blackboards to list down long deadlines right from the start. For the first instant, got down your ideas on plain paper. You can start with ‘Write cover copy’, ‘Create the landing page’ or ‘Write the proposal’ Later on. Plan those ideas in detail. No need to act lazy when planning down things in detail. In this, you can assign starting date, due date, and end date. For each task make sure you list down all the necessary details in one place. Attach notes, videos, images and everything in that. If you have a set of tasks that depend on one another, set them up separately so that you don’t miss out the flow.

3) Eat your Frog first

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” ~Mark Twain.

For many, this might seem a simple quote but in reality, this is a sound advice. For any project, there are tasks that are more important than others. The frog is the biggest, ugliest and hardest task on your plate – this is the one that puts the most pressure on you. Consequently, this is also the one that you will keep pressing down your to-do list.

Prioritizing is one thing you need to do. If you do not prioritize you won’t do much. Save time by prioritizing your tasks. Figure out what is urgent plus important and do that first.

Another time management technique you can use is Queue technique, or better you can use task management tool that can help you manage Queues.

4) Commitment is the key

Lastly, you need to stay committed to your tasks. Once you start something, you need to make sure you end it well too. We all know what it feels like to start a project all hyped up and full of zest, only to have our enthusiasm fade away once we’re in the thick of things. It is worth reminding yourself that commitment is the key ingredient of your success. You need to be very clear about your project deadlines and commit to them with all your heart & brain. Keep reminders so that you stay on track. Whenever you feel yourself wandering away remind you that you need to get back on track. To wonder off is easy, to do the actual work and get things done is hard. Persevere and it won’t be too long before you’re celebrating project success.

To conclude it all. Remind yourself that you have limited time in this world. You need to do all the work in this life. So, for you to succeed, you need to follow the tips mentioned in this blog.