4 Ways to Deal with the Procrastination Habit at Workplace

4 Ways to Deal with the Procrastination Habit at Workplace - TaskQue Blog

We all are familiar with the term procrastination. It is a thought, an emotional reaction to putting off the task at hand. This phenomenon is also called mood repair by some researchers in which we avoid the bad mood associated with our work by spending time on mood boosting activities.

In fact, showing reluctance to taking the first step in a project, avoiding and dragging things out too long are the hardest challenges everyone faces at workplace. Simply the lower motivation level and apparently the inability to get started on the task we decided to do are the major causes of procrastination. That’s why we seriously need to deal with procrastination to avoid it.

Starting a task is the biggest hurdle; whenever there is a task to be completed, we will make every possible effort to put it off until we have absolutely no choice to finally get it done on a very short notice.

In this post, you’ll find four simple ways to quit procrastination habit, stay on task and do the work needed to grow your career.

1. Do One Thing at a Time

Do One Thing at a Time - TaskQue BlogLarge tasks seem overwhelming and are the major causes of procrastination. It is highly recommended to break down the large tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks so that you can easily maintain your focus on one at a time. Concentrating on one thing at a time can help you complete your task more quickly.

We all need to break down our projects and goals into small pieces. I believe, this is the simplest thing we can do to avoid being overwhelmed. No matter, how large a project is, you can always break down into manageable chunks that motivates us to get started and work in a logical sequence until completion.

2. Set Realistic Deadline

Set Realistic Deadline - TaskQue BlogDeadlines, no matter if they are self-imposed or given by your boss, force you to complete things on time. This makes task accomplishment easier. Tasks are not subjected to be concentrated in our minds without a clearly set deadline. The ambiguity is also the biggest cause of procrastination.

According to some entrepreneurs, strategists and marketers, deadlines often have a slightly negative implication and must be avoided at all costs, but the opposite is true in every case. The ultimate inspiration to complete the task is the deadline.

3. Perfectionism Wastes Time

Perfectionism Wastes Time - TaskQue BlogStriving for perfection delays many brilliant and successful ideas. It is human nature that we always try to do our best, but in professional life, we all need to complete the task and move onto the next. As no finished product is perfect, we can only try to make it perfect. But if you keep trying for perfection, you will never finish your task. There is no perfect product, anywhere. Everything has a flaw that someone can point out. You can only complete your task that is really good and accept some flaws are inevitable. You can always come back to improve on in future iterations.

I’m not saying that you can’t create an amazing finished product. But it won’t be completely perfect. And at some point you will realize that it’s not perfect, but it’s really damn good and your supervisor will love it. This way call your task done and move forward.

4. Step Away from a Task for a While

Step Away from a Task for a While - TaskQue BlogThis may sound weird, but it has been proven that stepping away from a task for a while can be worthwhile to completing a task quickly. A lot of researches have shown that people tend to get things done more quickly after taking a light to medium workout break. However, the ability to perform better tend to reduce after strenuous activity.

To maintain the level of productivity, leave your desk, take a break, go outside for a walk. Let your mind relax without thinking about your tasks. Continuously thinking about your tasks can cause sever anxiety and make you feel overwhelmed. Taking a break will help you overcome your procrastination and work toward your task completion goals. The simplest activity of walking without thinking too much about your task will allow your mind to work clearly with more energy and focus.

No matter how many hacks and tips you find about dealing with the habit of procrastination, they all end when you sit down and do your tasks until they are completed. It is the motivation to do the task that matters, nothing else. Without determination to complete the work, all of these tips, ideas and ways will not help you to get things done. So, get up and get to work now!