5 Ways You Can Achieve Hard Working Capabilities


The very fact that you are reading this post is a testament to the fact that you aren’t motivated enough to work harder; and we can’t blame you. No matter if you are a janitor or the CEO of a leading organization, doing the same thing day in and day out, for an indefinite period of time, can be dreary, monotonous and at times, demotivating. The feeling of being stuck in a rut often leads to stagnation and complacency, which prevents us from giving our best to whatever we set out to do.

We all have days when motivation seems elusive, when we stare idly at the computer screen, willing ourselves to type, create, develop, but instead we find ourselves simply going through the motions, barely double-checking the quality of our work! If you are recently having more and more of those days, here are five tried and tested methods to dig up lost motivation and will yourself to work harder at your job!

Surround Yourself With Other People Who Work Hard

In order to pursue your dreams and motivate yourself to work harder, you need to be around hard-working people who are not afraid to put in their best and work hard towards achieving their goals. If you are constantly surrounded by a bunch of nagging people who complain incessantly and find shortcuts to success, they would seep your desire to put your best foot forward.

Consort with hard-working people who have ambitions, goals, and dreams as their like-mindedness will help you prosper. Be it a group of like-minded friends or coworkers who inspire you on the job, we all need people who push us towards success. As they say, “you’re the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most!” Do you know someone who is going places? Better call them out for a drink sometime!

Eliminate Distractions

Our days are riddled with so many distractions that they prevent us from truly working hard. If you keep checking Facebook or Twitter or Reddit when you’re meant to be working, or if you keep reaching out for the TV remote when working from home, you need to get rid of these to truly put in your best efforts at work. The same goes for email. If it is not absolutely necessary to check your mail, put it off for when you are free. Whatever your go-to distractions are, chuck them out of your life in a single stroke of strength, rather than constantly battling with yourself.

If you’re drawn to the water cooler to share titbits of juicy gossip with your colleagues, come into work earlier than your peers to get a head start on work. This way, you can get a couple of hours of uninterrupted time to really focus on work. If you are working from home and can’t stop thinking about the latest episode of your favorite show, switch rooms or work from your balcony. Without the temptation around, you can’t be tempted. With nothing to distract you, what other option do you have but to work hard?

Create Bite-Sized Goals

“There’s a reason donut holes are so lovable. They’re easy to eat. Before you know it, you’ve eaten a dozen of them. This is how goals should be too. Of course, you should have a really big, audacious goal. But make sure you break down that goal into bite-sized, consumable goals. This way you’ll feel like you’re making progress in your journey and you’ll also feel a sense of accomplishment when you complete the smaller goals. A feeling of progress and achievement is a beautiful combination.” Nelson Wang

The prospect of getting started on a huge project is daunting. With audacious goals on the horizon, we put off diving into large tasks till we absolutely have to. Well, there’s never really a good time to start than right now. The key is to break down that seemingly insurmountable task into a number of smaller ones, to make it look less overwhelming and more achievable. Constantly ticking off those smaller subtasks off your list would give you a sense of accomplishment, which is necessary to work hard and with every increasing focus. When progress meets achievement, the feeling of euphoria is enough to see to the completion of the project in a flawless manner.

Celebrate Your Wins, However Small

Celebrations, rewards, and appreciation do wonders for boosting hard working employee’s motivation and engagement at work and motivate them to becoming hardworking individuals. Not being acknowledged or appreciated for your contribution could dampen your spirit, making you lose interest in work. Don’t beat yourself up if you have experienced a professional setback or if you have made a blunder at work. Don’t allow slip-ups to steal your desire to work hard. Focus on your wins and accomplishments, even when you are down in the dumps. You don’t have to paint the town red everytime you finish a task, but little things like ordering pizzas or treating yourself to a nice round of drinks after the successful completion of a project, would inevitably boost your morale and encourage you to work harder at your job.

Stay Focused

It can be quite a bed of nails to work hard if you are not able to concentrate on the task at hand. Instead of eliminating personal distractions, let others know that you are not to be disturbed at a certain time, and cannot immediately respond to texts, emails, and instant messages.  If people expect you to be quick to respond, because you have always done so, make it clear that you are busy at work and shouldn’t be disturbed. Even if you are working from home, set out a few hours of deep focus, away from kids and other house chores so that you are able to work hard on the task at hand. While you are at it, try listening to light and positive tunes that infuse instant action that could boost your productivity. Believe it or not, music can be a powerful force to boost your motivation at work.