The 5G Era Is Near. Here’s Why Your Company Should Prepare For It.


While the technology is new, and prices for early adoption are high, the fact is that 5G is the direction that we’re headed in terms of data connectivity. This should be more than enough to convince you to consider preparing your business for 5G. Yes, smartphones that are 5G-capable are quite expensive but there’s a good reason that many companies are suggesting upgrading to 5G-capable devices: the technology offers huge opportunities, especially for startups.

But let’s start with the basics…

What Exactly Is 5G?

5G is a network system that boasts much higher speeds, much lower latency, and a much higher capacity to sustain more devices compared to existing network systems. 5G networks typically use very high frequencies that allow the system as well as 5g-capable devices to transmit huge amounts of data. The standards bodies that are involved in the development of 5G technology are aiming at 20Gbps speeds and 1ms latency. This level of speed creates some interesting opportunities for the business sector.

Why Should You Care About 5G?

If the better download/upload speeds aren’t enough to convince you to invest in 5g-capable systems and devices, then, the higher capacity and the better range might be. But the benefits of a 5g network go beyond better connectivity. There are an abundance of lists that share the benefits of a 5G network, but at the top of every one are its better speeds, range, and capacity.  These attributes are going to be essential when the time comes to integrate the IoT technology into your business.

The need for better data transmission methods is essential to any business, given the fact that we’re in the digital age.

The internet of things is going to offer the ability for more and more devices to be able to communicate with each other. And if you’re going to enjoy the benefits of IoT, you’re going to need a network that’s capable of supporting all that traffic. This is especially true if you’re engaged in a business that relies heavily on telecommunications and if the operation of your business entails that you handle huge amounts of data.

And while it’s true that the technology, as well as the devices that are capable of harnessing the technology’s capabilities are expensive, this is the direction we’re headed toward so every business owner – and even the average person – should consider adopting it. After all, the main reason why new technologies are almost always expensive is because of the early adopters are more than willing to spend money to get their hands on the latest piece of technology.

The early adopters who have the drive to acquire the latest technology may pay more at first but they gain the advantage of learning how to harness it more effectively than their competitors. Understanding what is an IoT platform as well as a 5G system and any other technology may even allow them to develop better, more efficient variants of the technology that would better suit their needs.