6 Creative Ways that Convert Your Breaks into Productivity Enhancers

6 Creative Ways that Convert Your Breaks into Productivity Enhancers - TaskQue Blog

It’s a common misconception that if you really want to be more productive, stick to your desk for long. Keep your fingers on the keyboard and your eyes on the screen, as the more time you put in at your desk, the more you will get done. It is simply impossible to be chained to your desk for hours in order to get things done. Several researches have shown that taking regular breaks from mental tasks help improve productivity and creativity. However, skipping breaks can lead to stress and exhaustion.

If you are not taking breaks regularly, you are probably decreasing your productivity rather than increasing the ability to completing your tasks more effectively. If you think that setting aside a big amount of time to get tasks done more quickly is a worthwhile choice, then you are totally wrong.

In this post, I’ll give you a few science-backed reasons behind why breaks are so important along with the best ways to unchain yourself from your desk every once in a while.

1- Taking a Break Every Once in a While Increases Your Productivity

Taking a Break Every Once in a While Increases Your Productivity - TaskQue BlogAccording to recent studies, those who are provided with distraction once an hour can get their tasks done more efficiently than those who just complete it without a single break.

Human brain starts numbing out to the on end stimulation and become unable to take the task as an important activity. Taking a break allows you to return to the task at hand with revived energy and more sense of accountability.

2- A Break Can Serve as Creative Fuel

A Break Can Serve as Creative Fuel - TaskQue BlogNo matter how much you love your job, you can’t keep creating when you are blank. A few minute conversation with a peer, reading an informative article or watching an inspirational video can give your mind a boost.

Though it is difficult to taking things from a different perspective or finding new insights especially when you come across at the same way all the time, trying any of these choices is a worthwhile option.

3- Take a Snack Break

 Take a Snack Break - TaskQue BlogTaking a step away apparently or mentally might be we all need to feel recharged. Our brain requires the adequate amount of energy for eating, thinking and performing other body functions.

The brain stores and utilizes glucose as fuel to focus and it gets exhausted quickly. Continuous focus on one thing for hours will only leave you tired. Take a snack break and get hydrated. Fuel your brain and help it to function well, stay sharper, more focused and more energized.

4- Movement Prevent us from Being Mentally Quiet

Movement Prevent us from Being Mentally Quiet - TaskQue BlogHuman body is not designed to sit all around the day at the same place. Being sedentary for a whole day is not completely healthy for our bodies and for creativity and productivity as well.

Leaving a desk for a few minutes and getting your blood flowing to supply some more oxygen to the brain is the key to stay sharp all the day. Go for a walk to reduce stress, anxiety, and boost creativity and efficiency.

5- Workout Harder to Work Smarter

Workout Harder to Work Smarter - TaskQue BlogIf you want to get all things done on time, consider taking a workout break. Some studies have shown that a moderate level of cardio activity can significantly boost the level of creativity and productivity for a few hours afterward.

The change of scenes and focus may just be simply the need for your next breakthrough at the workplace.

6- Taking Productive Breaks

Taking Productive Breaks - TaskQue BlogAlthough many of us can’t increase the number of working hours in the day, we can take better breaks to produce effective results. However, checking your Facebook timeline or reading emails every five minutes don’t count as productive breaks.

All you need to feel energized and restored after your breaks. It is recommended to give a break for at least 15 to 20 minutes after each 60 to 90-minute work sprint. As 60 – 90-minute session is enough for your brain to be fueled and focused on one activity. A time-tracking app Desktime suggested that most productive people usually spent 52 minutes working followed by a 17-minute break.

To summarize, taking breaks is very important to produce highly efficient, valuable and productive work. As your brain might work well by spending less time on one task. So move on, take a break!

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