6 Top Notch Productivity Trends for Entrepreneurs

6 Top Notch Productivity Trends for Entrepreneurs - TaskQue Blog

If you are an entrepreneur or a web marketer, then you better know that productivity is the key to making your business grow. If you are running a successful business, most probably every day you find new methods, tricks, apps and processes that can help you to make the business become more productive. In this post, I’ll discuss 6 trends that most successful entrepreneurs are following right now and that will take your productivity to a whole new level.

1. Reduce the Noise

Reduce the Noise - TaskQue BlogWe all know that social media is the biggest distraction – the urge of checking your Facebook timeline or Instagram photos… and then suddenly you realize that you have wasted your precious 30 minutes that you will never get back. You are not aware that you are completely surrounded by a productivity killer, i.e. noise. Every workspace will have some noise because working inevitably will cause some sort of sound, but it is the type of sound that can really make a difference.

A study showed that approximately 30% of office employees are distracted by their colleagues’ conversations. Men were more distracted than women, as one in three men saying they were impacted by noise at the workplace, compared to one in four women. So, should we stop talking to each other at the workplace. Absolutely no! The solution is to drown out any noises, listening to music can really help you remain focused and productive at the same time.

2. Stay Organized via Calendar

 Stay Organized via Calendar - TaskQue BlogRather than creating a to-list that you use to check tasks once they have been completed, it is recommended to use a calendar to set aside a specific time to your duties. This way, you are holding yourself accountable to getting a specific task finished by a particular time. You can also use different software like TaskQue that helps you organize your tasks by using a calendar and To-do list features. Encourage your coworkers and clients to do the same and this will ultimately give a boost to productivity.

3. Motivate Your Employees

 Motivate Your Employees - TaskQue BlogOffice workers these days are often motivated by bonuses and rewards. Most employers pay their workers for any extra duties or effort. Being an employer, you can motivate your resources by different types of motivators such as presenting an award, providing lunch, holiday parties, activity days and a lot more. Mostly employees feel unappreciated at the absence of these things that may ultimately lead to decreased productivity. You can also provide year-end bonuses and performance based incentives to encourage your employees. Small business owners should beware that such incentives can increase the level of productivity and performance, so they must need to set rewards for their resources.

4. Stop Checking Emails Every Now and Then

Stop Checking Emails Every Now and Then - TaskQue BlogMost of us spend a good portion of our workday in reading and managing emails. It’s not a productive process at all, it is only important to keep the business running. You can download an app such as Unroll.me that removes you from all of those irritating email lists. Creating an email template is another best way to be more productive when replying emails. It may also be a good idea to have a standard backup email you can send for different situations. By implementing this, you can save time and get your tasks faster.

5. Minimize Distractions

 Minimize Distractions - TaskQue BlogWe already discussed that how noise kills productivity, but what about other distractions and thoughts that are rolling around in our minds. These types of distractions keep us worrying and thinking about them all day long. People have a lot of chores that they need to be completed after work, set aside a few minutes to plan all these errands before getting started a task, so that they won’t bother you as much all day long.

6. Work Faster

 Work Faster - TaskQue BlogGetting more done in a less amount of time is always a worthy goal and learning the ways to make that goal achievable is the key. So, always look for the ways that can make your job easier. Save your all data on the cloud-based storage file and backup service like Google Drive and Dropbox to easily access your documents everywhere, anywhere.

Following these simple and easy trends can help you to attain and sustain productive hours at work while meeting all your deadlines. This way you can better manage your professional activities and will find new opportunities to unwind.