7 Tools To Increase Business Productivity And Efficiency


In today’s business world, business owners are looking for ways to remain relevant and competitive. One of these is through increasing their productivity and efficiency. When a business increases its productivity and efficiency, it can generate more revenues and minimize costs, thus, increasing its chances of making more profits. 

Although, sometimes, maintaining a high level of productivity and efficiency can be stressful, you can achieve it by utilizing modern technologies, which can help streamline your business processes. One of the best ways of streamlining operations is through the use of business tools and software, which can help save time and money.

So, if you want to maximize your revenues by increasing your productivity and efficiency, consider the following tools:

  • Customer Relationship Management Tools

Customers are essential to the success of any business. This is because without customers, a business enterprise can’t generate sales, and without sales, there’s no business. That’s why you need to attract the right customers and manage them to remain connected to you. You can achieve this with the help of open-source customer relationship management (CRM), system, or tools.

Open source CRM tools help promote the relationship with your existing customers and potential clients. This is possible because it allows you to categorize your customers and manage them from a central position. 

So, with the best CRM system, you can promote your customer service, build an effective communication channel, and simplify your marketing efforts. All these can go a long way in helping you generate more revenues.

  • Marketing Tools

Marketing is an integral part of modern businesses. It involves advertising your business or products to potential customers. Without marketing, no one would come to learn about your business. Sometimes the use of billboards and posters to advertise your business can drain your budget. That’s why you must use online marketing tools if you want to save a few bucks. 

Some marketing tools can be used to target both online and offline customers. For instance, if you’re targeting both online and offline clients, you can use omnichannel marketing tools to reach them.  However, if you target only online customers, you need to utilize digital marketing tools. 

  • Outsourcing Tools

Outsourcing is one of the latest trends in the business world. It involves entrusting a third party with your key business functions. So, rather than employing full-time workers, you can hire a specialized firm to perform specific business functions on a seasonal basis. Some of the key business functions you could outsource include human resource functions, accounting functions, marketing functions, information technology functions, and much more.

With that said, outsourcing is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your business. So, if you don’t have enough budget to run your business, the best deal could be to outsource some key functions. 

However, to reap better outsourcing benefits, you need to utilize the best available outsourcing software.  Outsourcing tools help you connect and work with the right firm.

  • Communication Tools

Today, you can’t achieve the desired results without installing communication tools in your business systems. They allow you to keep in touch with your employees, customers, and other business stakeholders. 

The use of communication tools is utterly essential, especially to an organization that utilizes remote workforce. So, with communication tools, you can engage with your remote workers, which eliminates the need for a large business office. This helps you save on rental expenses.

Besides, you need to communicate with your customers regularly. One of the best ways to engage with your customers is through the use of communication tools. They allow you to interact with your customers in real-time, thus allowing them to remain connected to you. This increases your chances of generating more sales. You can use communication tools to send messages to your customers or call them.

  • Task Management Tools

Another effective way to promote your business productivity and efficiency is through the use of task management tools. It involves the use of a computer program or software to monitor the progress of a project. 

So, rather than manually tracking your projects, you can install online task management tools into your system to help keep watch of all your projects. The use of task management software can help save time and money. This allows you to maximize your profits. 

  • Bookkeeping And Accounting Software

Bookkeeping and accounting are some of the major business activities that shouldn’t be ignored. While bookkeeping is the practice of recording daily financial transactions, accounting involves summarizing, analyzing, categorizing, and interpreting these transactions. 

Bookkeeping and accounting are the basics of preparing the final accounts of a business. Some of these final business accounts include the income statement, the balance sheet, the statement of changes in equity, and the cash flow statement. 

With that said, collecting and recording business transactions involve a lot of tedious and repetitive work. These tasks can consume much of your accounting staff’s time. However, you can streamline the accounting process by way of bookkeeping and accounting tools. 

Accounting tools can help you automatically generate customer invoices, create payrolls, track debtors, and much more. These can help save a lot of time because, with accounting software, you can spend a few seconds to perform a task that could have taken you the whole day to finish.

  • Document Management Tools

Some businesses may find it difficult to keep their documents organized. This is especially true for firms that deal with huge volumes of documents. However, businesses can use document management tools to store and manage their documents. It involves the use of computer programs to store your documents in a digital form. So, rather than keeping your documents in physical form, you can store them online.

There are several benefits to installing document management software in your business systems. For instance, it allows you to access and retrieve them with ease. Besides, storing documents digitally enables you to save on storage space. You can use this space for other business activities. 


Modern technologies are a must for any business looking to outshine other firms in the market. One of the best ways to utilize modern technologies is through the use of automated tools to streamline business operations. The use of business tools can help boost your business productivity and efficiency. 

As you’ve seen above, there are several tools you can utilize in your business enterprise. These include customer relationship management tools, communication tools, marketing tools, outsourcing tools, accounting, and task management tools.