7 ways to improve work performance by 1000%


If only I had a few more hours in a day, I would complete all the tasks in my to-do list.

Just like everyone else, you are gifted with 24 hours every day. In those 1,440 minutes, you can either focus on ways to improve your work performance, or you can be like everyone else and blame others for your troubles.

I am sorry to break this news to you, but every millionaire has the same 1,440 minutes in a day, and they manage to do them justice somehow. The only difference is that these successful people dwell on every passing second and make the best use of time.

We all struggle to find time to do everything. As parents, as freelancers, and as full-time workers, our lives are filled with overwhelming responsibilities. If we take time out to work on areas of improvement, we can improve work performance by 1,000%. Yes. Not kidding at all. Here is how you can do that:

1- Start with a task sheet

Before GPS, plotting your path on a map was the only way to navigate to your destination. The road of life is no different. Before you start your work, it is essential to know what you want to achieve for the day. You can begin your day with  TaskQue. It will help you assign tasks to your team even before you reach your office.

I prefer making the to-do list every Sunday night. At night, when I am done with the day’s work, I can plan the next day which can save much of my time the following day.

Knowing where to begin each day can improve your work performance as you already know your destination and the path that you will take to reach your goal.


2- Wake up early

Early risers manage to plan their day in peace. You will breeze through the day already knowing what you have to do, reducing the element of surprise. You will not say ‘yes’ to anything that can slow down your progress.

Just like athletes need to warm up their bodies, your mind is no different. The early hours of the day are the best to plan things. Your brain is fresh, and you can use breathing exercises to clear your head before you dive in the chaos of the day.

Your time is important. If you waste precious time, it won’t do you any good. Use time wisely before it consumes you.

3- Delegate some stuff

You can’t wear too many hats at the same time. It would be best if you were surrounded by willing and helpful people to help you reach your goals. To maximize your time, it is necessary that you delegate some work to the relevant person in your team. When you pass on the job, it gives you time to do what is essential for you. Sometimes people take too long to pass on the work, and when they finally do, they don’t have it in them to relinquish control and put their trust in the person. This can take more of your time, instead of cutting it down.

If you don’t have people who are competent enough, some sites can connect you to relevant experts who work as freelancers. Assign them the task and check it off your list instead of constantly biting your nails in apprehension and breathing down their necks. Alternatively, you can use technology to take maximum benefit of your resources. Try using a productivity management tool like TaskQue which will help you delegate projects on the go.

4- Where is your golden egg?

I am sure everyone had heard the goose and the golden egg story. Consider your goals as the golden eggs. However, here, you must work all day to earn a golden egg.

While pursuing your goals every day, you won’t be distracted. There is a difference between goals and to-do list. Paying your electricity bill is necessary, but it won’t motivate you to do the work. Award yourself something you love every time you complete a goal. This will keep you motivated to achieve the objective.

If the goal is small, you can commit to small rewards. For bigger goals, you need more significant rewards. However, the thing is that your reward must be big enough to motivate you to complete the work.

5- Exercise

The people who don’t take time out to exercise should not blame being lazy all the time. In his fantastic book, ‘Spark’, John Ratey talks about the science of exercise and how exercising daily boosts energy, builds the immune system, and increases physical strength at the same time.

However, the most significant benefit of exercise is time management. When you exercise, you stay consistent with your health. This increases your focus and keeps your mind sharp. This is also a way to find your Zen.

6- Finding your Zen

We all work hard. Hard enough that sometimes we lose track of contemplating what we are doing or where we are going. Reflection offers insights and relaxation which helps you move forward in the fast phase life around us.

This is why it is essential to move away from the crowd and find your Zen to medicate.

Meditation is not just sitting on the floor with your legs crossed over and eyes closed. The core of any relationship is communication. This holds true when connecting your mind with your body. Some prefer sitting in a yoga pose; others prefer sitting down quietly and just focusing on your breath. For me, meditation and Zen are all about focusing on mental clarity and making better decisions by freeing up my mind from all the worries.

With a clear mind, I can take difficult decisions and exercise my muscles to take any challenge head-on.

Find a way to meditate. Make a schedule and follow it vigorously.

7- It’s okay to call it a day

As humans, we all start our days with a limited amount of energy. There is no science behind how to control that energy.

The deadlines might not change, and you must deliver everything on time. If you are using a productivity management tool, it gets easier for you to deliver things on time. However, even then, sometimes you will find it challenging to get into the zone.

When you feel that nothing is working for you, it is a good idea to take the day off and get yourself charged. It might seem tempting to cross the limits, but there is a risk in damaging the quality of work. Learn your limits and respect them.

Closing it up

In the end, it is necessary to realize that you are human, and it is essential to be kind to yourself. There is a full road ahead. Every hour, every minute, and every second counts. If something is not working right now, forget it and move on to the next best approach.

Some days, you might travel miles, while others, only a few feet. However, before you know it, the day is over. Moreover, when you’ve finished…

That’s what makes it worth it.