Become a Certified Project Manager: 10 Project Management Certifications to Add To Your Resume

Become a Certified Project Manager

Have you ever wondered why so many projects fail? Along with many other reasons, one reason is lack of certified and trained project managers. Did you know that only 56% project managers are certified? According to the statistics, 80% of “high performing” projects are led by certified project managers. This shows that behind every successful project, there is a skilled project manager. These project management certifications indicate that you possess the skills and knowledge to plan, schedule and execute project activities in an effective manner.

If you want to become a successful project manager, you need to add these project management certifications to your resume.

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project management professional (PMP) is the gold standard of project management certification. Backed by Project management institute, the official body of project management, it covers all the important things you need to know to become a great project manager. PMI continuously coordinate and collaborate with businesses and universities to keep the contents up to date and provide you with the fresh perspective on project management.

If you are a member of PMI, the computer-based exam will cost you $405 and for non-members, it will cost $555. If you take the traditional route and go for the paper-based exam, members will have to pay $250 and non-members will have to pay $400. To be eligible, you need a bachelor’s degree and three years of project management experience with 4500 hours managing projects. For diploma holders, they must have five years of experience along with 7500 hours leading projects.

  • PRINCE2 Foundation/PRINCE2 Practitioner

PRINCE2 is a project management methodology and approach. PRINCE2 stands for Projects In Controlled Environment. It is widely popular in UK and other parts of the world. The focus of this project management certification is on ensuring effective management of projects and timely delivery of projects.

PRINCE2 Foundation is the basic certification that evaluates the basic knowledge regarding the project management methodologies and terminologies used in project management. On the other hand, PRINCE2 Practitioner certification pushes the project managers even further. As far as the pricing goes, PRINCE2 Foundation will cost you $200 and PRINCE2 Practitioner will set you back by $340.

  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is an ideal choice for those who do not meet the eligibility criteria for PMP certification. This certification acts like a stepping-stone to more challenging PMP certification. You do not need a college degree to become a CAPM certified project manager. All you need is some basic knowledge about project management, 1,500 hours of project management or 23 hours project management education. PMI members will have to spend $225 and non-members will have shell out $300 to get this certification.

  • Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

According to the Pulse of Profession report, agile project management methodology is the most successful project management methodology. Similarly, PMI’s agile certified practitioner (PMI-ACP) is the fastest growing certification from PMI. It covers everything from Scrum to Kanban to Extreme programming.

Go for this certification if you work on agile teams or your company is using agile project management methodology or planning to switch to it in the future. Members can enroll in a computer-based test for $435 while non-members will have to pay $495 for the same test. If you plan to go for paper based testing, members will have to pay $385 and non-members will have spend $445.

  • Master Project Manager (MPM)

If you are a doctor, engineer, pilots and lawyers and want to learn project management, then Master Project Manager (MPM) certification from American Academy of Project Management (AAPM) is for you. To become Master Project Manager, you need three years of experience and training. Post-graduate students and trained and experienced professionals can enjoy discounts on MPM certification. The complete process from sending in application to being certified will cost you around $300.

  • Certified Project Manager (IAPM)

This mid level certification from International Association of Project Managers (IAPM) polishes your skill and makes you into a project management all-rounder. The core purpose of this certification is to prepare prospects for the leadership role and holds middle ground between Master Project Manager (MPM) and Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications. Depending on your nationality, the price of this certification varies. There is discount for students and job seekers.

  • Program Management Professional (PgMP)

As a program manager, you are a senior level practitioner and responsible for overseeing and ensuring that all the ongoing projects aligns with your organization’s strategic goals or not. PgMP certification from PMI helps you achieve that goal. To be eligible for Program Management Professional certification, you need a secondary or bachelors degree with 6000 hours of project management experience. PMI members can enjoy $200 discounts, as they have to pay $800 dollars while non-members will have to spend $1000.

  • Professional in Project Management (PPM)

Want to advance your project management career then, this mid-tier certification from Global Association of Quality Management is the best option for you. Professional in Project Management (PPM) certification covers a broader knowledge base and has a big scope too. After becoming PPM certified, you will be able to provide clear direction, adapt to change, allocate resources efficiently and ensure quality deliverables with minimal risk. All you need is to go through the GAQM body of knowledge and take its e-course along with some project management experience and you are good to go. This project management certification will cost you around $300.

  • Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Using agile project management methodology to good effect is critical for reaping its benefits. With agile being the most popular project management methodology and agile principles being widely implemented in project management, you need to equip yourself with specialized knowledge. That is what Certified Scrum Master certification from Scrum Alliance can give you. Become a scrum practitioner and help your organization implement scrum and agile practices effectively. Depending on the training provider you choose, Certified Scrum will cost you something in the range of $1000-$1400.

  • CompTIA Project+ Certification

Although, CompTIA Project+ certification is not at par with PMI’s PMP or CAPM certification but it equips you with basic knowledge of IT and project management. The advantage here is that the curriculum is updated in the light of feedback from industry, academia and research institutions. With only one year of project management experience, you become eligible for CompTIA Project+ certification. You will have to part ways with $285 to get this project management certification. All you have to do is to enroll in a two day certified Scrum Master training course and have some basic knowledge of Scrum.


Project management is evolving every day and to keep pace with it and drive more projects to successful completion, you need to stay in the learning mode all the time. These project management certifications are a great way to establish you as a competent project manager but also help organizations to implement project management methodologies to great effect. If you want any other project management certification added to this list, feel free to share it with us in comments section below.