7 Features That Makes TaskQue the Best Task Management System

best task management system

In today’s rapidly evolving business world, multitasking is the order of the day. Managing several tasks at once takes some doing that too without messing up anyone of them. Add to that the problems of inconsistent communication, poor team collaboration and inability to take right decisions at the right time, managers have a stiff challenge on their hands. That is where a task management system comes to their rescue and let you manage tasks and projects more efficiently.

If you want task management, software that offers you a perfect blend of features, usability and customization options, then look no further than TaskQue. With its focus on productivity, you can easily get more done in less time and with fewer resources with TaskQue. It is a cloud-based tool, which means that you will not have to download or install anything to use TaskQue. More importantly, you access it from anywhere, anytime from any internet-connected device. Its innovative task management features is what makes it stand out from the crowd.

Here are seven unique features that make TaskQue, the best task management system around.

1 . Queue

Is your productivity graph going through a slump? Did you know why? Although, there could be many reasons for it but the most important reason is that you are not using your resources in an optimal fashion. Queue feature solve this issue with its smart algorithm by ensuring optimal utilization of resources.

It hides all tasks in a Queue and only shows a handful of tasks to prevent employee burnout. As soon as the task is completed, the next task from the queue becomes visible. This enhances your productivity, as none of your employees stays idle. Queue automates the task assignment process and save you from hassle of assigning tasks.

2. Groups

There are instances when some of your employees are performing very well but others do not. This nullifies the hard work put in by hard working employees and pushes the whole team down. Do not let your group productivity take a hit anymore just because of few underperforming employees.

Use TaskQue’s Group feature. You can batch together similar resources and applies the intelligent Queue feature to boost your team productivity. Instead of assigning tasks to each member of the group individual, you can assign a task to a group. This save you from hassle and make it easy for you to track results too.

3. Workspace

The days when we use to manage a handful tasks are long gone. Today, multiple projects are running side by side. This makes task management even more difficult. TaskQue has a solution for that too, Workspace. Juggle multiple projects and tasks simultaneously by creating separate workspaces and prevent any mishap. Managing multiple projects concurrently has never been that easy that it is now, thanks to Workspace feature

4. Discussion

Effective team collaboration and communication are the cornerstones for task management success and TaskQue knows that very well. With the discussion feature, TaskQue not only let you communicate and collaborate with team members but also conduct fruitful meetings with third party clients. With strong privacy and access controls in place, you do not have to worry about your privacy of your sensitive information either.

5. To-Do

With so much on our minds these days, it is hard to keep track of tasks we have to perform. It is quite common to forget about an important task and we have all gone through this phase. Never miss an important task again by creating To-Do list with TaskQue’s To-Do feature. It let you create separate To-Do list for both personal and professional use so you do not mix up personal and professional tasks and mess up both.

6. Calendar

Are some of your resources going on a vacation or taking some time off from work? How will it affect your on-going projects and tasks? Surely, your project progress will take a hit but not anymore, because TaskQue’s Calendar feature let you plan and schedule everything in advance. Save your project from exceeding deadlines by controlling the pace of the projects and distributing the workload accordingly among your employees.

7. Summary and Insights

None of the aforementioned features can save your projects from disaster if you do not have a proper tracking mechanism. Luckily, you have one with TaskQue in the form of a Summary and insight feature. Summary feature let you see your project progress at a glance. More importantly, it shows where you are currently and where you need to be at current point in time. Even if you are falling behind, you can take corrective measures to save your projects from disaster by controlling the pace from there. You can easily reduce the risk of project failure by analyzing progress through Summary feature.


Whether you are looking for task allocation, task management, task tracking, communication and collaboration feature, TaskQue has them all. There some useful extras as well that turns an already great package into a truly brilliant one. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and transform the way you work by breaking all productivity records. Now, you can also integrate TaskQue with Slack and other third party tools for added functionality and streamlined operations. Do not forget to check out TaskQue’s mobile app for Android and iOS and take your work wherever you go.