Call Tracking Solution as a Way to Enhance Marketing Tactics


Client expectations are growing constantly. Digital agencies have to comply with whatever level is. Thus, it is expected that even an agency delivers the best result, there is still a place for improvement.

One of the reliable marketing tactics enhancement ways is a call tracking solution. A call tracking solution is a system. It is designed to follow the campaigns that drive calls. This system allows you to associate incoming calls with your advertising activities. It, in turn, shows clearly whether an advertising campaign that you are running right now brings the needed results.

Depending on the location from where the call is coming, you can assess the success of landing pages, specific ads, and similar. Basically, you can track your every marketing activity and see whether it brings the needed return.

How Does a Call Tracking System Work?

The operation principle of a call tracking system is simple. You assign a special code to a specific online campaign, another code is assigned to a particular offline campaign, and similar. Every call is recorded, and the code helps you to track which campaign has brought it.

Thus, a call tracking system offers you an accurate and reliable solution to find out whether a specific campaign brings the expected results.

Any Specific Benefits?

Of course, we understand that you want to hear about specific aspects of marketing. Thus, here are some aspects where a call tracking system is irreplaceable:

Detailed information about marketing ROI: with the mentioned system, you know for sure how many leads a specific ad has brought. In other words, the system makes ROI on a specific marketing campaign visible. It, in turn, provides more opportunities to make smarter decisions.

It allows you to keep up with smartphone users: the functionality of a smartphone has changed the buyers` behaviour completely. Now, everything can be purchased with a single click from a smartphone in the same way as if you were using a computer. A call tracking system allows distinguishing what calls are triggered by specific online ads. It also allows you to see how much interconnected all the communication channels are and that none of the channels shall be under-evaluated.

A better experience for users: when you use a call tracking system integrated into your CRM system, you can get plenty of useful information about each caller. Thus, you know their location. You can track the ad that has triggered the call. You can see whether this is the first call or the person shows a consistent interest in your products or services. Of course, you can use all the information to boost the efficiency of your marketing campaign by directing the users to the needed specialists.

Tracking offline marketing channels: a call tracking system allows you to track the success of your offline marketing campaigns (TV, radio, etc.). If you use an efficient call tracking system correctly, you will not have to bother the callers with questions like “Where did you hear about us?”, and similar. With the application of a specific code, you can track it on your own.

A Solution That Contributes to Your Success

The main target of such a call tracking system is to bridge the gap between online and offline campaigns that are aimed at bringing leads. Through real-time reports, digital agencies can identify the missing opportunities and provide the needed accountability level.

Tracking calls allows marketing agencies to learn useful things about behaviour patterns, the use of specific keywords, and in general, about the factors that influence clients. With it, you can track the success of every single factor and react accordingly.

Such call tracking solutions also allow you to eliminate the expenses that don’t bring any use. For example, if an ad doesn’t bring leads, you will see it immediately from a call report. Thus, the solution allows you to invest in the campaigns only that bring the wished result. The campaigns that underperform are detected easily. Depending on their specifics, you can decide whether you need to modify them or to stop investing in them at all.

Final Thoughts

While many people believe that phone calls are an outdated means of communication, the practice shows that it is far from the truth. Thus, a call tracking system, if integrated into your CRM system correctly, can bring significant benefits to your business. It can provide you with valuable information to boost not only the customer experience but to boost the ROI from each of your marketing campaigns.