Before You Sweep Serial Killers Under the Carpet, Here Are 7 Career Lessons To Learn From Them

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They can see you. They can smell your fear. They know about you & your family more than you know about yourself. People might call them Psychopaths, but they call themselves artisans. They are non-other than serial killers.

I mean if you think of Charles Manson, he is an evil borderline genius. Not that I am advocating his merits (even though he has many) or thinking of joining his family, but I must concede that even though the man couldn’t even pass out from seventh grade, he got masses to carry out his message with a fervent zeal and people who had never even lifted a finger all their lives, actually killed for him.

Call me morbid, but my fascination with serial-killers stem from their productivity and how they manage to juggle all the balls at once. However, before you jump to conclusions about my gruesome proclamation, let me expatiate on the career lessons we can take away from these sociopaths:

  1. Do what you’re passionate about

Everyone in this world has a specific universal purpose. When you discover your passion, you find your mission in life. Some of us are born with that passion deeply ingrained in our veins. But, for most of us, the purpose is driven by passion. A notable quality among every serial killer is passion. They treat everybody like Leonardo da Vinci crafted his sculptures. With care, with respect, and with love.

passion for work

As a professional, I know what it feels like to start a job that you don’t like. This is why I am telling you to start with something that you’re passionate about. Do not worry about the position or the title that it holds at the moment. Just learn the craft. Get better at it. With time, success will come on its own.

2) Network like your life depends upon it

Have you read any novel by Chris Carter? There is one famous serial killer that goes by the name of ‘surgeon’. He had a huge network of friends. From a person who provides him with all the tools necessary to mutilate a body to a person who can clear out the crime scene without leaving any traces which can indict you down the road. The surgeon capitalizes on an extensive network of people to help him do all the dirty work and walk out with a clean slate.

The same goes for when you’re looking for a new career. You need to foster a network of people who can help you along the way and give you insider’s knowledge pertaining to the industry. You need to connect with people in a way that they offer or help you find jobs matching your skills and éclat.

3) Delegate

Serial killers often don’t have much blood on their hands, despite having murdered by the dozens. They want perfection to the core. One tiny mistake and they end up on the gallows so they are not too keen on leaving a breadcrumb trail for the FBI. Serial killers do perform some signature moves which separate them from the rest of the killers. For one thing, they know how to delegate the right jobs to the right people.


When you’re starting out, you cannot perform everything yourself. You have to delegate stuff. Online tools like TaskQue can relieve you by taking the pressure off you. Just dedicate stuff to your idle resources and finish your projects on-time.

4) To stand out from the rest

This is one indispensable trait of a psychopath. Known as the ‘Delusions of grandeur’, they treat themselves above all. They perceive their work as art and do it with perfection.

They know if they don’t perform the signature moves, they won’t stand out from the herd. Therefore, serial killers plan meticulously while going for the next victim.

stand out

They are extremists of course. But, you don’t need to be fanatical to complete your projects on time. You just need to plan well and figure out innovative ways to get done with the project on time.

Be original. Figure out one trait that makes you different from others and invests all your energy in it.

5) Know your next victim

When serial killer plans to go for the kill, they don’t do it randomly. They strategize for it. They record every move of their victim to find all potential loopholes. The likes, dislike and even what keeps the victim on their toes. Only when all the data has been collected, then they make their move. And that move looks flawless. Not because the serial killer gets lucky all the time, but because by now they know their victim all too well.


When you’re ready to get a job., know the company that you’re applying to and the nature of the job you are going for. Study what are the assorted services that the company is offering and how can you fit yourself in those niches?

6) Follow through

A serial killer never leaves a case undone. They follow through the case till the end. From the start of the investigation until the moment they are about to get caught. Following up on a case pleases the serial killer. They find immense satisfaction when the investigator gets close to catching them, and they manage to evade their grasp at every turn. For them, it is a game.

In your career, you have to follow through everything. When you apply for a job you have to follow through it. When you take a project, you have to follow through with others. You must keep all the people who are linked with the project on the same page and in the loop as to its development to streamline the process.

7) Love what you do

Of course, this is a no-brainer. For serial killers, murder is an art, a passion which placates their soul. They love spreading the message that they love their art.


When starting your career, you must find something that makes you tick. Something that you love to do. If you do something with passion, the results you get will be astonishing.

El Fin – The end

The surgeon used ‘El Fin’ to finish off his victim. This is Spanish for ‘The End’

Regardless of how hard your day/week/month has passed, you are alive for a reason. You have some job to do and until you do your part, you’ll have to keep trying to fulfill your prerogative. Take these lessons from psychopaths and add them to your daily life. See, how they alter the way you pursue your career.