Critical Thinking Skills: How to Use Them to Enhance Productivity and Profitability


Critical thinking is basically the skill that separates effective business professionals from rest. A professional who can think fast and well has far more mental resources for effective performance than his colleagues who lack good thinking skills. When you are well-equipped with critical thinking tools, many benefits inevitably follow. You are able to recognize many thinking flaws, identify what’s good or bad for your company, communicate persuasively, manage difficult employees and tough situations and much more.

Critical thinking is focused, accurate and objective, continually analyzing the thinking process itself. It is basically thinking with a purpose – a real purpose. Critical thinking required a healthy dose of certainty and an equal measure of good judgment.


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  1. Critical thinking is essential for immense productivity and profitability. Good critical thinkers can draw reasonable and fair conclusions from a set of information and distinguish between useful and less useful details. A few things I would like to add to the list of critical thinking skills are:
    Clarification: Ability to not only restate information, but to state it in a way that is easy to understand.
    Judgement: Ability to analyze an idea or information
    Objectivity: Ability to be fair and unbiased
    Problem Solving: This is a very important skill for profitability. Most often companies face a lot of problems, a critical thinker has the ability to analyse the problem, give a solution and implement the solution for a successful outcome!
    Reasoning: Ability to think logically about a question or problem.

    Hope I added some value. Thank you for sharing this Mr. Saher!