How High-Performance Employees Re-Focus after a mind-shattering Meeting?


If you’re leading the meeting and want to check everyone is listening:

“OK, so before we start this meeting, lets’ be clear about why we’re here: To discuss things that must happen but will never actually happen, or that will happen far too late to be useful.”

For some, the meeting is a way to get things done. For others, it is a way to read their unchecked messages. And for everyone else, it is a speed-notetaking-contest.

A pivotal study from 1989 even found that: 40% of corporate VPs admitted to falling asleep or dozing off during a meeting.

Whatever your cause may be, after every meeting you need to re-focus your attention & start getting things done.

The thing with high-performance employees is that they have built the habit of deep focus. The standalone habit that helps re-focus their life after a frustrating meeting.

People shine the most in those prolonged periods of time when they focus precisely on what they want to focus on – this has become an integral part of their life.

Here are some tips that can help you do what the high-achievers do after a frustrating meeting.

  1. Have a post-meeting with yourself

Once you’re done with the meeting, take some time to reflect what is discussed in the meeting. Go over the minutes of meeting to get an overview of what has been discussed.

Make notes of tasks that are related to you. High-performance employees don’t just what has been done, they do a mindful analysis of themselves.

They ask themselves questions like, what is the quickest way to get the thing done? How many resources be required to get it done? And what are the consequences that can happen?

This might seem nothing for now, but once you adopt this high-performer habit, you will note the difference it can make to your meetings and what you can do to make things better.

  1. Channel your energy for optimum result

Of course, one man cannot do everything. You need to channelize your energy to deliver the best possible results.

After post-meeting, you’ll exactly know what you want and how many people are required to make it work for you.

One more advantage you will get by channelizing your energy is that you will have access to more resources and brains.

A word of warning though, if you’re working on some project in a team, you need to minimize the number of people in the team.

If you have a team of more than 4 four, a good option is to use an online task management software that can help you dealing with productivity issues.

  1. Assign deadlines before deadlines

The high-performance achievers assign deadlines for themselves that are prior the actual deadlines.

“Meeting the deadlines is not good enough, beating the deadlines is my expectation.” ~Dhirubhai Ambani

You cannot wait for the last moment to give the best results. Give your brain time to process information and think upon the task even when it is finished.

Creativity often occurs after the thing has been done. Give it time to be creative with the task and allow other possibilities to enlighten you for optimum results.

Take a break and go through the task list assigned to you. This will allow new ideas to flow into your mind.

  1. Set follow updates

Assigning is the easy part, follow up is the hard part. Just assigning is the first part, high-performance achievers set to follow updates for themselves. And even they are working in a team they add follow updates for other people.

Follow up keeps the progress in mind. And once you know, how much you have come, you will be able to plan things in a better way.

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One sure-fire way to achieve more in less time is to use online task management software that can help you to cut down your time to re-track the assigned tasks.

You can also use follow up to tweak the existing model of the project so that the end-result gets better and better.

To conclude it all

Meetings get boring if the meeting gets prolonged. If this is the case, take some break from the meeting to refresh your mind.

Because you need an active mind during the meeting & right after the meeting.

Use these tips to re-energize your energy and get the best of the meeting.