Enhance Productivity: It’s Time For You To Get A Grip On Your Business

Enhance Productivity

There is no denying the fact that an average entrepreneur requires more than 24 hours a day to nail their day-to-day tasks. If you don’t take my word for it, just go ahead and ask one! If it’s a business that’s flourishing and showing potential for the betterment of self-being and society, an entrepreneur will spend half their life making it a perfect fit for everyone. It’s just an innate propensity among entrepreneurs.

Once upon a time, a long while back, thinking about entrepreneurship almost always left an individual fretting over having to contend with the hassle of manpower, labor costs, overheads incurred, etc. But, in the modern day, technology and innovation have opened up new doors and introduced more robust solutions. The fact that there exists organizations where CEOs run a one-man show without needing any employees is a testament to the use of technology. It is not the best of practices, yet it is a considerable one.

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With the incorporation of a slew of devices, services, and platforms, the only dividend which entrepreneurs are required to pay is time. But what if you can control that commodity as well? What if you are capable of managing time? If you can’t cut hours short from the day, you can undoubtedly result in shortening them. Today, a host of technologies have emerged, enabling you to facilitate and organize your workflows like never before.

Stop Getting Stuck in the Whirlwinds of Dismays! Start with Organizing Your Productivity

Peter Shankman is the author of Faster than Normal: Turbocharge Your Focus, Productivity, and Success with the Secrets of the ADHD Brain. In his book, he has explained attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as “a condition among entrepreneurs which they explain away as having a faster than average brain.” According to Shankman,

“An entrepreneur’s mentality is “I can do everything! I can run everything!” and it always works because they have 12 plates spinning in the air at one time.”

While some look down at the condition and place it as a psychological disorder, others only believe that it is a badge of honor that they should don proudly, as a part of their entrepreneur’s mentality.

Similarly, prioritizing your tasks is not always a good option, since some entrepreneurs seemingly fail to differentiate between significant and non-significant ones. Chris Licata, owner of Blake’s All Natural Foods in New Hampshire, told Entrepreneur,

“Embrace the reality that there is no such thing as a list of 10 priorities.”

Unless you don’t grow yourself out of to-do lists and setting up priorities, you will always find yourself lost in the abyss. While, strategies are one thing, what ensures the effectiveness of the strategy is how strong you establish a foundation for those strategies to stand upon.

In my opinion, specific practices can significantly assist any startup entrepreneur to gain an upper edge in the competition easily. To express my thoughts, I have created this productivity resolution to help you!

Make the Ultimate Productivity Resolution for 2018

Focus on Employee Development

Never turn down a delegate in favor of employee development. By giving them the chance to challenge themselves, you are allowing the employee to groom and grow out of the box. It may sound time-consuming, but in the long run, it is a definite productivity booster.

Make Your Presence Worth-While

It is a fact that the presence of the CEO himself makes all the difference with employees. We have all seen the battlefield, and how battles where Kings stand next to their armies are more fierce and dramatic, as compared to those where they let their men get slain while they hide away in safety. Share your flare with the employees. It’s for their betterment.

Surveys Give You Better Insights

There is no harm in conducting studies among employees and customers. It helps you close the never-ending gap in customer satisfaction. Measure productivity between the best possible responses from your most important constituents. Send out surveys. It works both ways.

Make Long-Term Goals

Although, today matters, but what matters more is how you are going to make today work for your long-term goals. Do not make your today effect your weekly or monthly period. Plan ahead and establish long-term and effective goals.

Share your Learning with Employees

You have no idea how much your employees would love to cherish your company and learn a few things about how you became a growing success. Share half an hour of your lunchtime with some of your employees to discuss the latest tools & tactics with them.

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Incorporate Productivity Tools: The Perfect Housekeeping for Organizational Workflows

Reb Rebele, the professor of people analytics and applied positive psychology at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, best explains problems and gives a ready solution to effectively tackle them.

“Problems can be termed as decomposable problems and are best solved by breaking them down into constituent parts and tackling those parts one by one. Today, a lot of productivity tools are built around that.”

When an entrepreneur acts alone or as a part of a team, their individual productivity is responsible for the overall organizational productivity. One may address countless ways of resolving them. One of the most useful strategies that I found noteworthy was that of Reb Rebele. What Reb founds useful is breaking down tough projects into a number of components and then easily resolving them one step at a time. It is a practice that best assists you at the hour of need.

Adding an email signature, saving passwords, saving readable items, or just organizing routine tasks, can be rendered a breeze with the help of the following applications:

Organize Tasks with TaskQue

How do you intend to maximize your productivity if your tasks aren’t all aligned in one place! Sign-Up at TaskQue, since it enables you to record all your project data and information and helps you assign them to different team members.

Save Passwords! No More Resets

Remembering passwords can become a real obstacle in productivity. Especially when you are working with multiple websites, it can turn into an obnoxious irritation. But, not anymore! Download the chrome extension of Last Pass, and you will never end up in forgetful dilemmas.

Automate Your Technological Tasks

IFTTT is one application that enables you to organize your quick tasks like no other app. With IFTTT, you can schedule posts, save items in drop box, apply tags and do just about anything based on the “if this then that” logic. Automate your tasks with IFTTT and make the most of it.

Add Your Signatures Digitally

Who wants to go through the hassle of printing out a document, appending a signature to it, before having to scan it back and resend. With DocuSign, sign any of your applications digitally. Create your own digital signature and sign using your smartphone or laptop easily.

Task Prioritization is Necessary

Ideas can spark up at any time! And don’t you really wish you could hold on to them? While, documents and notes can easily end up getting misplaced, Omnifocus is one such application that stores all your ideas in one place. Now recall them whenever you need them.

Deploy Effective Habit Tracking

Interested to learn a bit more about yourself? Bring together all your positive habits and track your progress from a starting point. Whether it’s part of an exercise or meditation, all you have to do is define your objectives and create the perfect roadmap of habit tracking with Today.

Organize Your Emails, Before They Disorganize Your Frame of Mind

I took the audacity to sit down and question multiple entrepreneurs about what they think are the core contributors in destabilizing their mental state of minds, and unsurprisingly, EMAILS was one thing they all nodded aggressively to unanimously! As much as it sounds like an interestingly wavering attribute, psychologist says,

“How To learn the extent to which a man keeps himself organized? Check his mailbox to capture an idea.”

Do you often find yourself getting sucked into your mailbox! Don’t forget these tools!

Block Sender

The Block Sender extension keeps unwanted guests out of your emails on Gmail. You can now say goodbye to unwanted newsletters, annoying individuals and unsolicited email senders once and for all.

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang helps you track responses, use the “send later” option and utilize the ultimate AI to craft amazingly perfect emails. It also helps to keep unwanted email interruptions at bay. Also, you can schedule messages and send them on a later date.

Inbox When Ready

Inbox when ready is a Chrome extension that readily hides your Inbox so you can easily focus on your email-related tasks without being bothered with too many distractions. Multiple messages popping up in your inbox can wreak havoc on your focus, ultimately leading to slip-ups.


Your signature really matters! Mayhaps a huge opportunity opens up and you miss the window of going through with it. Wise-Stamp can come in handy as it can add a digital signature to your emails. It embeds your personal information, your brand information and your social profiles.

Email Tracker

How often do we pace around in a nervous apprehension, thinking if the emails we sent out are getting read or not. With Email Tracker, you can easily learn because a circle will appear when the tracking is enabled and a checkmark will appear as soon as your email is read. Isn’t that interesting?

Enhancing productivity is not just a commendable strategy, it is one of the simplest ways to prevent setbacks at work. It helps CEOs formulate an amiable work culture within the organization. If our processes aren’t streamlined, we can simply fail to perform adequately which can pose obstacles in our path of achieving long term goals.

Therefore, we should aim to to strive productively and align prospects so we can move forward confidently together.