7 Common Event Management Challenges That You Can Overcome with TaskQue

Event Management

From event planning to site selection, budgeting to décor, catering to event security, there is more to event management than most of us think. When you have so many things to take care of, it is easier to lose your track. To ensure everything goes according to the plan, you need to plan and execute well.

Challenges such as keeping your event management team on the same page, keeping track of deadlines, making your event management team understand what’s required will come your way, but you will have to overcome these challenges to make your event a hit.

That is where productivity management solutions like TaskQue come to your rescue. In this article, you will learn about how TaskQue can help you solve some of the biggest event management challenges.

1. Streamlining Task Management

One of the biggest challenges for event managers is to streamlining tasks and ensuring that everything moves in a flow. TaskQue allows you to do that with a clever feature called Workflows. With this feature, you can define your workflow and TaskQue will automatically adjust according to the way you work or can choose one of the predefined workflows from the huge library according to your business needs.

TaskQue’s Kanban boards allow your team to see each task as it went through different stages of its execution and reaches its completion, giving you a clear view about where you stand currently and where you need to go. You can create projects and tasks to manage events more easily.

2. Keeping Your Team On The Same Page

There are instances when event management team members are moving in different directions. As an event manager, you don’t want that. You want all your team members to work cohesively to achieve a common goal. Clear communication and effective collaboration can go a long way to make this possible. TaskQue’s Discussion feature ensures that all the team members stay on the same page while discussing ideas. Wondering what point you raised in the previous meeting? Discussion minutes feature help you review the minutes of the meetings and key points discussed during the meetings.

3. Boosting Team’s Productivity

When the event deadline is near and there is so much left to be done, it will create chaos and panic amongst your team ranks. That is where errors start to creep in. Your team productivity starts to take a dip and you end up short of meeting event deadlines. To ensure that does not happen to your team, TaskQue brings a slew of productivity-focused features.

TaskQue’s Queue feature smartly manages your team’s workload and prevents them from getting employee burnout. It also saves your team members from stress and anxiety. By showing only a handful number of tasks at a given time, your team members can focus better and achieve better results too.

4. Time Management

Time is money. We all know that but how many of us treat it like money? Very few, right. When you are organizing an event, time management becomes quite challenging. You will have to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously and still ensure you end up completing all of them on time. TaskQue lets you define the start and end date of every task and help you keep track of your progress. It even notifies you when your deadline is fast approaching.

The intelligent Queue feature ensures that none of your team members stays idle or waste time by optimizing resource utilization and maximizing productivity. Users can also create a To-Do list of tasks they have to complete. It also allows you to set the priority of different tasks so you can complete the most important task first.

5. Team Collaboration

Just sitting in the same room does not mean that your event management team members will collaborate with one another. As an event manager, you must ensure that all your team members are playing their part and contributing towards a common goal. With each team member having a different personality, there will be a difference of opinion and that difference of opinion can turn into conflicts.

Conflicts between the team members create jealousy and animosity, which hampers team cohesion. When your event team members are not cooperating, your event can never be successful. Use TaskQue’s collaboration features and work on projects together. Let all your team members share ideas with discussion features and try to reach a consensus to eliminate the risk of conflicts. The  Group feature enables you to form small teams that work on similar tasks and use the smart Queue feature to give your team a productivity boost.

6. Keeping Track of Deadlines

Poor scheduling is one of the main reasons why events mess up.     Imagine arranging a birthday party for your client and forgetting to send them a gift on the right date. Never miss a deadline again with TaskQue’s efficient calendar feature, which let you mark important dates and plan well in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

That is not all; there is also a reminder or notification feature that alerts you when the deadline is near so you can take immediate action to prevent any mishap. Even if you have forgotten about a particular deadline, these reminders ensure that you can take timely action, so you don’t end up missing a deadline for a particular task. You can also set project milestones, track progress and achieve them with TaskQue.

7. Reporting

Tracking progress is critical to ensuring that your projects are completed on time. Get a bird’s eye view of all the tasks and projects with TaskQue’s Summary feature. Dig deeper and unearth actionable insights with insight feature and guide your projects to successful completion. Looking for a particular piece of information, use powerful filters to find the information you are looking for. Generate reports that reflect your performance and present it in front of key project stakeholders.

How does your project management software help with event management? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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