How a Great Resume can Help Women Get that Interview

How a Great Resume can Help Women Get that Interview

The days of simply sending your resume to an employer, getting a call and shaking hands at the interview before agreeing on a start date are long gone.The recruiting industry has been taken over by the internet and everyone will need to submit their resume online first.This process is more efficient for employers, it can be a nightmare for job seekers.

If you are looking for a job, you can reduce the stress of this by knowing how to navigate the system, and how to write a professional-looking resume. Here are some tips you should use.

Print Out Job Postings

When looking for work, you should search both the job listings and websites of companies that appeal to you.Any job postings you find that appeal to you should be printed out to use in the next tips.

Highlight The Postings

Carefully read through the job postings you print and highlight the keywords.You should also highlight the industrial language that describes the responsibilities and requirements of the job.This will differ for each of the positions.

Compare The Words

Once you have highlighted all the important words, you need to compare them across the positions. You also need to ensure that these phrases and the language appear in your resume.

Adding To Your Resume

You now need to take the time to determine where to add the most relevant keywords to your resume based on your skills, knowledge, and experience.This is important because employers use tracking systems to look for keywords.The more matches the system finds, the better the resume and the more recruiters will view your resume.

Submit Your Resume

Once you are confident that your resume has all the keywords and phrases to be a strong match, you can submit it. It is important that you also double-check that your resume is matched to the job.

Have A Cover Letter

If the application system asks for a cover letter, you need to submit one. This should be a short expression of why you are a good match for the job and why you want to join the organization. The cover letter is the best time to showcase your research on the position.

What To Not Submit

You should never submit a one-size-fits-all resume or a generic cover letter.If you really want to get the position, you need to customize all your documents for the job you apply for.

Good Reputation

The reality is recruiters will search for your name nowadays and will look to see if your online reputation matches your CV. Make sure it does and if not take action to ensure that it does – make it seem like a positive appraisal of your work.

Work On An Internal Reference

After you have applied, you need to find an internal referral who can make a personal introduction. The best place to start with this will be anyone you know and ask if they know someone who works for the company. You can also attend job fairs and meet some of the employees or other professionals there.

Take the time to create a profile and become active on LinkedIn or Facebook.This will generally help you find someone who will make the connection that you need.A Twitter account can also be helpful and you can post requests for some help.

Another option to try will be joining an association within your field.You can then network with other people who are like-minded and could help.Connecting with your college and high school alumni group could be a great way to find connectors.

There is an unlikely network that you can also tap into.If you have a child, look at the parents of your child’s friends.While you might not personally know each other, you will have a common connection that will make contact much easier.

Follow Up

You need to follow up with an email or call to the recruiter responsible for the job posting. When you do this, you should avoid asking if they received your resume. Instead, you should reiterate your qualifications and interest in the role. This is a brief moment where you can sell yourself to the recruiter and you might want to rehearse what you are going to say.

If you do not know the name of the right person to contact, you could cold call the company and ask to be put through to their HR department.If that does not work, you can use Google to find the name that you need.Another resource to find this information is LinkedIn.

Stay Top Of The Mind

All recruiters are different and that is what makes job hunting so hard. There are some who are happy with follow-ups weekly while others recommend every other week. There are also some recruiters who never want to be contacted for follow-ups. You need to find the right balance between persistent and being a pest.