How Richard Branson Achieve His Goals? 10 Step Plan You Should Follow Right Now

Richard Branson

A few weeks back, we celebrated the new year with a lot of zeal. As the celebrations and festivities faded into thin air, we all started thinking about our New Year Resolution as we do with much gusto at the beginning of each year. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of people actually manage to make good on their vows after the adrenaline rush settles in.

How do successful entrepreneurs achieve their yearly goals? Can we learn from successful entrepreneurs and achieve our yearly goals too? Yes, we can and that is exactly what we will do. Let’s take a sneak-peak into the life of Richard Branson, who has achieved extraordinary things and uses a straightforward process to achieve his goals.

In this article, you will learn about the 10 step process Richard Branson follows to track down his goals.

How Richard Branson Achieve His Goals?

1. Set Audacious Goals

Without ambition, one starts nothing. Without work, one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.”—Ralph Waldo Emerson

One of the main reasons why most people fail is because they are shortsighted when it comes to goals. They set short-term goals and don’t look at the big picture. This is the reason why they never manage to win big. To achieve something extraordinary, you will have to set ambitious goals.

This will bring the best out of you, push you to your limits and enable you to challenge yourself. Even if you fail to achieve that goal, you will end up in a better place. Richard Branson summed it up brilliantly when he said, “Your company should act as a springboard for ambitious employees, not a set of shackles.”

2. Write Down Your Ideas and Goals

Archimedes had a Eureka moment while he was taking a bath. Great ideas can come to you at any-time and at any place. It is important to jot down every idea, be it big or small, so that you don’t forget it after the moment  passes. Similarly, you should also write down your goals and read them aloud in front of the mirror every morning as a reminder to yourself.

3. Share Your Goals

Most people are reluctant when it comes to sharing their goals with others. Some people are apprehensive of being frowned upon, while others simply want to keep their ambitions a secret unless they are realized. Richard Branson thinks that you should share your goals with others. This will keep you motivated, especially if the other person motivates you to achieve more, in addition to inspiring those around you.

4. Break Down Large Tasks into Smaller Ones

Instead of trying to achieve a complex task in one sitting, you should break down large tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks. Divide your day into time slots and allocate them for smaller tasks. Take one step at a time towards success and you will realize that you are getting far more done than you used to.

5. Carry A Notebook

As mentioned before, you can get useful ideas anytime, and if you don’t have anything to record those ideas, they will dissipate into thin air and you will miss out on a wonderful idea. Richard Branson always carries a notebook with him wherever he goes. Yes, it might seem so yesterday with a plethora of note-taking apps in your mobile devices, but nothing can replace a good old pocket diary.

6. Make Lists

Richard Branson is a big advocate of creating To-Do lists. Even if creating a bulleted list is not your thing, you can a different list method that works for you such as Doodles, charts etc. Identify what works for you and stick to it. It will go a long way towards keeping you on the right track. This way, you never detract from your goals.

Richard Branson admitted that he, “make lists — lots of them. Each day I work through these lists. By ticking off each task, my ideas take shape and plans move forward.

7. Differentiate Personal and Professional Goals

Despite being a successful entrepreneur, Richard Branson knows the importance of striking a perfect work-life balance. He suggests that you should create separate To-Do lists for personal and professional use. This is where a smart task management software like TaskQue can help you out. Its efficient To-Do list feature lets you create separate To-Do lists for personal and professional use.

8. Track Progress

Setting goals is not enough as we all know from our past experiences of setting New Year’s Resolution. You need to monitor your progress towards your goals and take corrective action if you are missing your targets so that you don’t end up missing your long-term goals. Set goals which are measurable so you can keep track of them instead of losing sight.

9. Cancel Out Completed Tasks

As soon as you complete a task, make sure that you cancel that out from your list. This will give you a sense of achievement and tell you where you stand. You will learn how many tasks you have achieved and how many of them are left to be achieved. Additionally, it will motivate you to achieve the remaining tasks and work hard for them too.

10. Celebrate Success

Once you have achieved your goals, give yourself a pat on the back. If others have helped you along the way, you should celebrate your success with them. You could throw in a party to rejoice your victory. Richard Branson has developed a habit of celebrating success with his employees. As Richard Branson puts it, “Fun is one of the most important and underrated ingredients in any successful venture.

Which process do you follow to achieve big? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.