How to Use Workspaces to Keep Teams Organized

How to Use Workspaces to Keep Teams Organized - TaskQue Blog

TaskQue always wants its users to get the most out of it by providing greater clarity and intuitive, user-friendly interface. Do you know the number of workspaces you can create in TaskQue is unlimited? This gives you freedom and ease to keep different types of workspaces of different teams separate or private.

Prior to I get into the goods, I’m sure you are thinking why would I need more than one workspaces? Or perhaps what actually workspace is? I have never used it before or how to use it, etc.? Don’t worry, I’ll explain you at the ground level.

What are Workspaces?

What are Workspaces - TaskQue BlogWorkspaces are what TaskQue uses to keep different teams and type of work separate who work together. A workspace is a place where all your tasks and projects exist. You can make workspaces private or public and give access to specific users. If you need to create a separate workspace for your company, you might use them to divide different departments in your company such as Marketing, Design, HR, Finance, Development etc. If you are running a design agency and you obviously need a separate workspace for your clients’ project. Create as many workspaces as you required and invite people to the workspaces and grant them access of the workspace.  

You can add users in your workspace that you want to work together or whose involvement is necessary for the projects exist in the workspace. Regardless of how many workspaces you have created, the most amazing thing to keep in mind is that workspaces are private for those who have been given access. This is why TaskQue’s workspaces are ideal for separating departments, teams, clients, and groups. It keeps your projects, tasks, discussions completely separate and you don’t need to worry about changing the privacy settings for each workspace. You can create private projects and add followers so that only those people can view the project that you want them to get involved.

How to Get the Most Out Workspaces?

How to Get the Most Out Workspaces - TaskQue BlogYou can have marketing, finance, HR and design workspaces with selected users from different teams and never worry about the wrong person seeing them until you invite them to that particular workspace. It completely does not mean you need to have a dedicated marketing team to create a marketing workspace, you can simply isolate marketing related tasks and discussions from everything else in the company. You can have the option to invite clients to that particular workspaces and remember they can only see that one specific workspace not anything else. Manage the whole projects right in the TaskQue by enjoying the flexibility that it opens up for its users.

Workspaces are private, so only people who are a part of them can see what’s happening inside. Now you have an idea about workspaces and have built a better understanding of how to use them to better organize your teams separately. If you have not created an account on TaskQue, go give it a try today for free and use workspaces to organize your company right out of the gate. I’ll explain in my next post how to create, manage and add users in a workspace, so stay tuned.

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