How to Increase Attention Span and Survive Modern Day Workplaces


Paying attention to your attention span is no easy feat. You either wind yourself up in wondering why you feel so lethargic at your workplace or you deliver less than par work that is truly not appreciated.

According to the American Journal of Health Promotion, employees sleeping up to 10 hours or more a night are more likely to miss 1.6 days of work every month due to certain health repercussions and are less productive than those who sleep 8 hours or less a night. Also, it was identified that the latter group of employees is 2.2 times more productive than those sleeping 10 hours or more at night.

But sleep deprivation is just one among a plethora of factors that can wreak havoc on an employee’s attention span. Weak attention span can result in slower responses to quick queries. They are found less creative and have an impaired focus when it comes to nailing down tasks qualitatively. They are also found making poor decisions because they do so without thinking critically. They are incapable of solving problems as they are mostly surrounded by their own.

Today, I am going to help you learn how you can increase your attention span and survive modern day workplaces. So, without further Ado, let’s begin.

1) Kill the Multitasking Fever

Most people often surround themselves with the misconception that multitasking is the best way to progress up the success ladder. However, what they fail to realize is that multitasking can severely impair your cognitive ability and make you end up underperforming in all your tasks.

“But, I am extremely good at multitasking and I can get most of my tasks done in due time.”

Here’s the most common pretext that you hear from employees that multitask feverishly. In fact, what they don’t realize is that they hold a false belief that they are doing extremely good at their tasks. In reality, their work is construed mediocre at best, most of the time.

“It has been shown that people who believe that they are good at multitasking actually tend to be those who do the worst on laboratory tests of multitasking, leading the study authors to conclude that “participants’ perceptions of their multi-tasking ability were poorly grounded in reality.” – an excerpt from The Distracted Mind: Ancient Brains in a High-Tech World

2) Exercise on a Daily Basis

Fortifying your body ultimately strengthens your mind, and the best way to toughen up your body is to exercise. Whether you are at your workplace or at home, spare some time to perform a few crunches and sit-ups to get the blood pumping in your veins.

Exercising daily can have a measurable impact on your cognitive abilities and you can observe the change taking place just after a single exercise session. A recent study has proven that children suffering from ADHD or cognitive impairments are more likely to gain better academic scores when they spend their time working out on a daily basis. Just imagine how many of our employees are already suffering from ADHD and other related syndromes?

Exercising daily helps you bid adieu to such syndromes permanently. A free and clear mind is home to focus and concentration. So, in due time, a bit of an exercise will help employees gradually increase their attention span.

3) Create an Environment of Freshness

While, exercising can strengthen your brain muscles physically, plants and mother nature can help you recharge those muscles with a fresh supply of oxygen. After all, oxygen is the major constituent in delivering growth to your muscle production.

Do you know that the color green symbolizes the element of peace? Just by watching an image of a beautiful green landscape, you can trick your mind into achieving those restorative effects. Most asylums in America surround themselves with greener environments and have more trees within the vicinity. Doctors and psychologists believe that greenery is a major killer of depression. We employees often find ourselves in a similar fix of depression when we are overburdened with corporate-related issues. What more than having a few plants in our workspace can create a fresh environment?

If you are one among those who often wonder “How will I make my decisions with a buzzed mind?” then having plant pots within your workplace doesn’t sound like a bad option. It can greatly help you unwind.

4) Reduce Interference From Your Surrounding

One of the best ways to experience attention demise is to clear your workspace from all interferences. Make your workplace as boring as it can be when you realize it’s time to focus on your work. Even the smallest of things such as a notification ding from your smartphone or a small pop up at the corner of your screen can become a leading cause of distraction.

If your mind is in a flow at performing a task, the fluidity of your thoughts will suffer a blow in case an obstacle comes its way. After all, don’t you just wish to deliver quality work to users at your workplace and the only way of doing it is if you can reduce the interference from your surrounding. The streamlined fluidity of thoughts not only get your tasks done, but it also helps you increase your attention span.

5) Take Your Breaks! You Need Them

|Give yourself some mini timeouts because you need them. If you are not going to manage your time and just keep on working away, you will soon feel mentally exhausted. And, the qualitative outcome that you desire will no longer exist. Whenever you do your work, make thresholds of achievement. If you are preparing a report containing ten sections, take mini breaks after every section you complete.

So here’s the big question, what should I do during my mini-break?

You can utilize that time by listening to your favorite song or you can watch a 10-minute episode of your favorite TV show. If you do not have much of a knack for entertainment than you can always choose to read a book. Do whatever helps you soothe your mind and recharge your energy.


Neuroscientists have cracked the myth that human brains are energy consuming organs. At an average, a human brain can consume up to 20 watts of power which is good enough to power up a small light bulb. The brain is delicate and merely comprises of 2% of the whole weight of the body, yet consumes more than 20% of the body’s daily calorie intake. It is a marvelous part of the human body but it can at times overpower itself and ultimately lose its ultimate charm of concentration.

You certainly don’t want that to happen now, do you? By following the above-discussed methods, you can easily sustain your attention span and grow yourself exponentially.