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Ron Rosenhead Reveals Secrets of Scope Management & His Inspirations

There are very few mentors who achieve eternal glory in the hearts and minds of their pupil. Ron Rosenhead is one of them. Ron...

Interview With PMBOK 5th Edition Contributor , Mr. Rich Maltzman

Rich Maltzman is a project management practitioner and ‘evangelist’ who has been carving out a niche in the field for the past 40 years,...
Stephanie-Jaeger interview

Stephanie Jaeger Talks About The Common Challenges of a PMO

Stephanie Jaeger is an experienced project management consultant. She has diverse experience working in construction, healthcare, and the IT sector. She has extensive experience...

Strategic Thinking and The future of Project Management: A Conversation With Greg Githens

Greg Githens is on nearly everyone’s list of top project management thought leaders.Greg is the author of a new book, “How to Think Strategically....

Interview With Agile Transformation Extraordinaire Lenka Pincot

Lenka Pincot has more than 17 years of experience working as a business leader. She has worked as a consulting analyst.She has been...

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