Interview With Jeff Sanders The Brains Behind The 5AM Miracle

Jeff Sanders Interview

Jeff Sanders is a keynote speaker and author of The 5 AM Miracle and The Free-Time Formula.

He is also the host of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast, which was ranked #1 in Apple Podcasts in the self-help and business categories and has over 7 million downloads.

Moreover, Jeff Sanders is a passionate runner. Let’s start his interview without any further delay.

TaskQue: First of all, tell us what made you fall in love with productivity? What was the real source of your motivation which urged you to enter this field?

Jeff Sanders: In my mid-twenties, I was the Registrar of a college in Nashville. That job requires intense organization and a ruthless attitude towards productivity.

The longer I held that position, the more I began to hone my own productivity skills, which then led to a fascination with trying to get more done in less time.

I also always wanted to build my own business, so the connection seemed obvious after a few years of experimenting with a variety of topics.

TaskQue: What is the core purpose of your podcast? Who else is with you behind the success of Th 5 AM Miracle? Would you please mention their names and contributions?

Jeff Sanders: My podcast, The 5 AM Miracle, is dedicated to dominating your day before breakfast.

My core topics include healthy habits, personal development, and rockin’ productivity! For the last 6 years, I have personally written, recorded, edited, and produced my entire show myself.

I do partner with some great companies to help distribute the show and organize my sponsors: Megaphone and AdvertiseCast are my core partners.

TaskQue: Being a productivity enthusiast, how do you start your working day? What do you use for planning your day-to-day tasks, paper or a digital app? And why?

Jeff Sanders: My day begins with a written list of priorities, and I put a strong emphasis on exercise early in the morning to jumpstart my energy.

I use digital apps almost exclusively, including Evernote, Nozbe, and G Suite apps. I have always preferred digital mediums, and it has helped make my system highly efficient.

TaskQue: Everyone has their own ideas in their lives. Who has been your inspiration in an industry from day 1?

Jeff Sanders: I have followed Michael Hyatt for many years. He produces incredible content and sets the tone for creating a great company. I can’t think of many other people who I have followed for so long.

TaskQue: Workstation organization plays an important role in productivity as well. What does your work station look like? How do you organize your workplace to stay focused?

Jeff Sanders: Simplicity wins when it comes to organization. I always strive to have the fewest number of items on my desk at any given time.

However, during a creative project, I allow myself to get a little messy because the creative process is not linear, and it’s rarely simple.

TaskQue: You claim to be a personal development junkie. What do you think are the key traits of personal development that help in career growth?

Jeff Sanders: Self-awareness and willingness to be a lifelong learner are central to growing yourself and your career.

I have always put a strong emphasis on consuming information from smart people who are more successful than I am, which allows me to continue to learn, grow, and improve over time.

TaskQue: What are your hobbies and interests? How do you spend your weekends? How much do you believe in work-life balance?

Jeff Sanders: I love running, especially trail running. When I’m not working, you can usually find me hiking or running at a local park in Nashville.

Balancing work with my own personal hobbies is challenging, but when I can find a healthy balance, it always serves to energize me and provides a boost to do even better work.

TaskQue: TaskQue is a digital task management tool which helps in increasing productivity levels of the team effectively. What are your reviews on TaskQue?

Jeff Sanders: TaskQue is a great tool for managing personal and professional projects. There are many great ways to organize your tasks and clarify what matters most. The work templates are also great to get started quickly.