John Reiling Talks About Significance of Developing Communication Skills

john reiling interview

There are many personalities in the international project management community but few of them make such an impact. John Reiling is one of those few individuals.

John Reiling has worked in the capacity of a general manager, a branch manager, and a project manager in various businesses pertaining to the environmental manufacturing and construction industry.

You support various certifications including six sigma, ITIL, Agile, PRINCE2. Let’s start his interview without any further delay:

TaskQue: How did you come in project management? What would you like to suggest to people who aspire to build a career in project management? 

John Reiling: Adopt an attitude of taking on more responsibility and jump on opportunities as they arise.

Employers are looking for people who they can count on to take on responsibility and will soon give it to them as they gain some experience.

TaskQue: You have worked across various sectors at multiple job roles. What gaps have you witnessed with respect to work style, productivity, and management? 

John Reiling: Having experienced diverse work domains, I think each comes with its baggage of strengths and weaknesses, as required by the industry and norms of the organization.

You can add a lot of value by acquiring a perspective and skillset across these domains as you can bring a unique perspective to any domain that most in your industry will lack.

TaskQue: John, you made a switch in the field of Information technology. Tell us what changed your mind? What hurdles did you face and how did you overcome them? 

John Reiling: I was excited about the up and coming opportunities in the technology field and thrived on the fast pace of industry evolution.

I found that in order to make the switch, I needed to develop strong expertise in something that was in high demand, and at the time it was lotus notes.

I obtained training and was able to get in with a consultant who needed to develop people fast.

TaskQue: Among so many project management certifications, which ones do you think are the most important for building a thriving career in project management? 

John Reiling: PMP is perhaps the most vital, but I also find that it is increasingly important for anyone in it to also possess an agile certification today.

TaskQue: You have been writing on hybrid project management yourself. Please confide in us a few hacks about managing hybrid projects.

John Reiling: I don’t know about ‘hacks’, but the whole point of a hybrid is that you need to have a diverse enough skillset to pick the elements of the waterfall and agile that best fit your project and can work in harmony.

You also need to accept that there is no right or wrong answer, that you can adapt as you go, and that the most important thing is to make a thoughtful decision.

TaskQue: You have decades of experience under your belt. I am sure, there must have been people throughout your career who inspired you. Please share with us, which personalities have been your greatest motivators? 

John Reiling: I have a lot of admiration for people who have started their own businesses as well as those who have worked their way up.

In all cases, the best people for me have been those who have developed a versatility in their communications skills.

TaskQue: Artificial intelligence is changing every field; project management is not beyond its effects? How do you see the impact of AI in the project management field.?

John Reiling: I think there will always be a need for judgement, wisdom, and communication skills.


TaskQue: How do you keep work life balance? What are your hobbies and interests?

John Reiling: My biggest thing is family and physical health.  I make sure to spend the time to make it as best quality as I can, and make sure I work out regularly.

TaskQue: Technological advancements are reshaping the arena of project management. Businesses are implementing various tools for boosting efficiency these days. TaskQue is one such emerging task management tool across the market. What are your thoughts on TaskQue? 

John Reiling: From a brief review of the automated demo, it looks very good for hands-on supervision of tasks across a team.

I like the drag and drop functionality.  I don’t know about the extent of functionality available, and if strictly task management is enough.

Typically, one needs to see overall progress against a schedule, and I’m not sure where this fits in.

If you would like me to look more into this and provide a more detailed writeup, please let me know.