Top 7 Leadership Activities to Stimulate and Develop Skills of Your Team


Leadership is a controversial topic because everyone defines it differently. The world is divided in two camps about leadership. In one corner there are people who think that leaders are born while in the other camp argues that leaders are made. Irrespective of which point of view you support, one thing is for sure, there are certain leadership qualities that make leaders stand out from the crowd.

A good leader not only gives you guidance and motivation but also inspires you to take the desired action by setting leadership examples. They try their best to keep all their team members on the same page and foster cohesion to achieve the common goal. They show full commitment and passion towards their goal and expect others to do the same.

Unfortunately, there is a time when these leaders must call it a day and pass on the torch. To ensure a smoother transition, they will have to prepare new leaders and prepare team members to take up the leadership role. That is where the leadership activities that can polish the skills of the team can come in handy.

In this article, you will learn about seven exciting leadership activities that you can undertake to develop new leaders in your team.

1. Survival of the Fittest

Create two teams of participants and offer them a situation where they must survive. It could be anything like a plane crash, a shipwreck or lost in the middle of a forest or desert and don’t know where to go. Next, let them choose from a list of things, which would help them survive in such a situation.

Once they’re done with the selecting the items for their survival kit, ask them why they have chosen a item over other items and how will they use it to get out of trouble? This activity will stimulate creative thinking and will enhance the decision-making capabilities of your team members.

2. Crocodile River

If you are looking for leadership group activities that could foster team collaboration, then crocodile river is a great choice. In this activity, team members will have to support one another to get from point A to B. They might be up against a practical and physical challenge and they will have to use their communication skills and cooperate with each other. Such problem solving activities teaches you how you can feed your team members strengths and fill in the gaps for their weaknesses.

3. Leadership Envelopes

There are many leadership exercises that you can perform in order to implement leadership rules in real world situations but none of them is as effective as leadership envelopes. Each participant is asked to come up with a real-world application of leadership principles.

To achieve that goal, groups will have to conduct multiple rounds of discussions to extend upon other people’s ideas. TaskQue’s discussion feature can help you with that. Once the discussion phase is over, it is time to choose the best idea and convert that idea into real world equivalent which can be implemented in real world situations.

4. All Aboard

Since we are discussing leadership activities, let’s talk about leadership exercises that can strengthen team cohesion. In all aboard activity, participants are given a task to build a boat with wooden planks. Once they have completed the boat building process, all the participants are asked to stand on the boat they have created. Slowly, wooden planks are removed, and the participants must occupy the quickly diminishing space to the best of their abilities.

5. Leaders You Admire

All of us has different idols that we admire and want to be like. For you, that could be Barack Obama but for me it could be Donald Trump. For you, it could be Bill Gates and for me it could be Satya Nadella. This activity brings those idols into the limelight. It involves two teams of participants who are first asked to discuss on leaders they admire first internally and then externally. At the end of the group discussion, the participants agree upon some leadership traits. This activity will also improve your team bonding.

6. Round Table

You need four tables for this activity and each one should be set up with a different task. Choose tasks that consists of multiple separate steps so it can easily be delegated amongst participants. A team leader is selected whose responsibility is to delegate the task and communicate with each participant what is expected of them. A timer is set up for each table which means that you have to complete the task in a given time. Round table activity helps you delegate tasks more efficiently with team members just like TaskQue does with its smart task allocation mechanism.

7. Human Knot

All the members are asked to stand in a circular formation. Every participant can put their right hand on a person which is standing opposite to them and left hand on a person standing next to you. This will create a tangle and participants must untangle themselves without breaking the chain. It can help your team by improving their communication and problem-solving skills.

There you have it. Try out these leadership stimulation activities to find out who in your team has the guts to become the torch bearer. If you’re already employing leadership training then share those experiences with us in the comments section below.

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