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leadership theories

7 Leadership Theories You Should Learn to Become A Great Leader

Have you ever wondered why some people go on to become inspiring leaders while others live their entire lives being a follower? Researchers have...
5 Management Lessons Managers Can Learn from Roger Federer - TaskQue Blog

5 Management Lessons Managers Can Learn from Roger Federer

There is no way around the hard work. Embrace it. – Roger FedererThe above-mentioned quote aptly describes the personality of Federer who can rightly...

How Gut Feeling Helps You to Easily Make Complex Business Decisions

“You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made...

7 Emotional Intelligence Hacks to Help You Become a Better Leader

I remember a couple of years down the road when we all gathered around to discuss the future of technology and how it’s going...
Conflict Resolution Strategies in the workplace

5 Conflict Resolution Strategies to maintain balance at your Workplace

Do you know that there is no law anywhere in the world that says: ‘If you don’t like someone, you have to take it...
8 Management Lessons Every Manager Should Learn From Donald Trump - TaskQue Blog

8 Management Lessons Every Manager Should Learn From Donald Trump

In a recent poll conducted by ABC News and The Washington Post, Donald Trump edged past Hillary Clinton with the slightest of margins. With...
Inspirational Leader

10 Qualities that are Essential for an Inspirational Leader

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” – Peter DruckerThere’s been an incessant debate going on for as long as...
leadership quotes

21 Inspiring Leadership Quotes That Will Get You Through Tough Spots

Anyone can sit in a corner office, bark out orders, delegate tasks, herd a flock through the pasture, but effective leadership is about much...
Toxic Boss

How to Identify a Toxic Boss? Google’s Management Study Reveal Secrets

Elan enters her office, shoulders squared, braced for yet another depreciating day, already dreading the tick of the clock that heralds the waking grunts...
How to manage introverts & extroverts?

What Makes Leaders Effectively Manage introverts & extroverts?

So, what makes an effective leader?Two habits.First, they listen to everyone, and secondly, they ask a lot of questions.The first habit is common among...

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