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leadership excellence

5 Ways to Achieve Leadership Excellence by Being Proactive in your Decision Making

“I don’t walk into the room with a ‘me, me, me’ attitude. I walk in and say, ‘How do I become your partner?’ ”...

10 Leadership Secrets of Jack Ma that Shaped Alibaba’s Roaring Success

Jack Ma's success can be deemed almost a fairytale. An idealistic rags to riches story for a person born in the downtrodden belly of...
Leadership Rules

5 Critical Leadership Rules You Should Break Right Now

If you’re working in a managerial or lead position then you’re most definitely a flag bearer of leadership.But despite being hierarchically bestowed, people often...
Satya Nadella

5 Leadership Qualities of Satya Nadella that changed Microsoft’s Fortunes

“Believe me, my journey has not been a simple journey of progress. There have been many ups and downs, and it is the choices...

How to Achieve Business Leadership in the Workplace with Successful Automation

Artificial intelligence promises a vast potential and advanced capabilities to generate high-end results. Tasks once reserved solely for humans have reached the grasp of...
Self Confidence in Leadership

Seeking Self Confidence in Leadership

Marketing Professionals usually invest the prime time of their lives in the hopes of becoming the most perfect leaders. Leadership traits are inherent in...
leadership styles

11 Common Leadership Styles and Which One Will Be Right Fit for You

We all have idols that we admire, whether they’re at workplace, politics or business. What makes them so unique is their leadership qualities, which...
Course of Leadership

AI Calling The Shots Will Change the Course of Leadership

I do love to read books, and if you are reading this article right now, it is pretty evident that you are into reading...

10 leadership lessons from the dotcom Mogul Himself: Jeff Bezos

His net worth increased by $6 billion in just 20 minutes which entitled him to the title of the richest man on the planet....
Methods of Persuasion

Methods of Persuasion: How to Make People do the Impossible Without Forcing Them?

How to persuade someone and gain their trust? Just ‘shut up & listen,’ suggests Chris Voss, FBI’s former Hostage Negotiation Prodigy. When it comes...

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