How To Make Your Facebook Marketing More Productive


If you want to step up your Facebook game, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll read about the top three ways to make your Facebook marketing more profitable. With the competition becoming steeper and steeper, you need to build a social media sales funnel that converts prospects into customers. Facebook has been highly profitable for many businesses. You just need to find innovative means to make it more effective for your business. Check out these doable steps.

Utilize audience insights to mine for data

If you’re looking for new potential customers to convert, you can use Audience Insights to target these customers based on interests and characteristics. By now, you should already have people liking your page. Use the information you have about these people to look for new potential customers.

To do this, you need to open Audience Insights via the Ad Manager. When you see the pop-up window, choose People Connected to Your Page. Once you click that, you’ll now be ready to access Audience Insights. Your horizontal menu will show that demographics are on default. As you scroll down, look for another drop-down menu on the left part of the bottom of the page. If you see People Connected To, click that option. Take note that even if you’re already using Audience Insights, you will still have to choose your page name in the said field.

Once you’ve chosen your page name, you can now see different metrics like gender and age among the current page likes, job title, education level, relationship status, and lifestyle. Based on these insights, you can start putting together potential target audiences to add or split tests against your existing audiences. Now that you know what they like, you can use that information to create directed, meaningful ads.

Make sure to align your advertising campaigns with your campaign landing page

There are two main reasons why the content of your post on Facebook needs to align with the landing page’s content. First and foremost, this means you’ll get a better score with Ad Relevance. As a positive consequence, you’ll pay less for every click. Within the past few years, Facebook ads have become more expensive and competitive, so matching content makes so much sense.

Secondly, alignment in landing pages and ad content improves your conversion rate. If people click your ad, they expect that they’ll get what your post promised. If you’re successful in giving them that, your brand and website will easily gain credibility. As such, potential customers will be more likely to trust your company.

It’s an understatement to say that trust is important when you’re running Facebook ads in order to increase your product sales. Since customers are willing to share their payment information to finalize the purchase, your brand should look and remain trustworthy. A better alignment rate between landing pages and ads usually improves conversion rates and lessens shopping cart drop-off statistics.

Test your ad elements one at a time

Coming up with various ads for split testing is futile when you can create ad variations. Choose the ad that currently shows the best results, then change one element each time. Choose your best ad and replicate it with a changed headline for every new version. Now, you have more than one ad that’s identical in all aspects except the headline. Test these ads and see which one gets the most positive response. After that, replicate it again and this time, change an image, description, or another element.

When you test these combinations, make sure that various split tests are also checked. For example, take the winning headline and add various descriptions to see which is the winning description. Put your winning description with one of your previously tested headlines and see how they perform. This combination might perform better than your winning description/headline combo.

These are just three of the most effective Facebook conversion strategies. You can also check out strategies of other winning ads and see how they made a difference. Soon, you’ll also be soaring high with your Facebook marketing initiatives.