How To Motivate Employees To Work For You?


The motivation of employees is directly related to workplace productivity. To keep your company thriving and alive, you have to pay attention to the performance of workers. If everything is going well, you may not think about it. In the opposite situation, you may notice a significant blockage in your business operations.

Remember, happiness and satisfaction of employees is necessary to increase their output. If you want to improve the quality of your work, you have to make them happy. Keep an eye on their activities, such as communication, time spent on Facebook, and time spent on needless tasks. Here are some tips to increase the productivity of employees in the office.

For your business, you will need special skills of your team. In this situation, they will need special tools to increase their performance. Make sure to select the right software to streamline their workflow.

Apps to Track Performance

Your employees get 8 hours to manage infinite tasks. To complete their jobs, they will need a time tracking app, such as Hubstaff. With Hubstaff, you can track working hours and productivity of your team.

Hubstaff allows you to assign particular projects to your staff members. It will help them to complete each task at the right time. With this software, you can carefully look at the productivity of employees.

Employee Monitoring Software

Moreover, it is essential to keep an eye on their activities. You have to monitor text messages and call records of your employees. Read their text messages and check phone conversations to find a black sheep in your office.

If you wonder how to read text messages from another phone, install a spy app on their computers and phones (provided by the company). In this way, you can discourage employees from selling sensitive data of your company to your competitors.

Flow of Communication

Communication apps are essential for remote teams and employees in a conventional office. Emails can be useful for communication, but employees can lose track of messages. For this reason, arrange an instant messaging app, such as Twist.

These apps can keep messages organized. Several communication platforms allow you to access and share files. With these apps, it will be easy for you to streamline the workflow.

Collaboration Tools

With collaboration tools, you can simplify and promote teamwork. They will be able to work together without any conflict. These tools allow them to share ideas for the success of each project. Trello is a popular project management app.


Delegation may have a risk element, but the responsibility is essential to improve the job satisfaction and morale of your staff. Allocate duties to capable workers that have a good track record with achievements in a particular field. They must have trust to perform essential tasks.

Let them gain leadership experience and necessary skills. It may prove beneficial for your business, and your workers get a sense of direction and achievement.

Decrease Distractions

Social media can kill the productivity of your workers. Unfortunately, you can’t wholly ban phones at work. Try to keep them engaged and focused while letting them breathe. Encourage workers to switch off their mobile at work. Allow them regular breaks so that they can check their mobiles. It will help them to understand the value of time at their desk.

Workplace Conditions

Maintain a comfortable temperature at work, such as 20 to 21 degrees C (68 to 70 degrees F). A too cold or too hot environment can break their concentration. They will keep walking near electric fans or heaters. Make sure to arrange air-conditioning and heating systems. Keep these units in working order according to the season.

Realistic Goals and Support

Managers need a keen sense to judge the performance of employees. They must identify their employees with high-performance to decide on incentives. Help your team members by offering achievable goals. Moreover, managers must provide clear directions to employees and supervisors to clarify expectations. It proves helpful for them to increase their productivity. Furthermore, they must have clear and focused goals.

Positive Reinforcement

Reward, motivate, and encourage your employees to improve their performance. Appreciate them for their best performance and give productive criticism. Make them happy with personal incentives for doing their job well. Free lunch or a free holiday can make them happy.

Highlight the success of an employee to all other staff members. It will motivate them to earn this incentive in the future. Rewards and incentives can encourage your employees to increase their productivity.

Keep Your Employees Happy

Employees can’t work in a stressful environment. Remember, stressful conditions can affect their productivity. In this situation, they may have absenteeism and disengagement. If you want them to work for you, keep them happy.

Show them their importance to your company. Value them, give respects, and appreciate their excellent performance. It will increase their gratification toward you and your company. If you want your staff to use their best skills, keep them happy and satisfied.

Encourage Self-care

The fears and occupational pressures can affect the productivity of employees. If you want them to show their best skills, decrease their mental and emotional stress. Remember, emotionally and physically unhealthy employees are less productive. If your team is working in pressure, you will also lose.

For this reason, you have to foster a communicative culture in your company. Listen to your employees and offer constructive feedback. Give meaningful and challenging work to your employees. Moreover, establish explicit constraints for success.

Moreover, use the latest equipment to decrease the stress and anger of employees. You should instruct your employees to maintain a perfect balance in work and life, enjoy sound sleep, and take some time for relaxation and exercise.

Avoid strict rules for mobile and social media. Allow them to use these platforms during their lunch break. If you want to increase your profitability, hire remote workers because these people are more creative. They can log extra hours and avoid taking more sick leaves. Try to have the right combination of in-house and remote workers.