How to Never Miss a Deadline with Calendars and Reminders?


Meeting deadlines is really important for rapid career advancement. However, to make sure you never miss a deadline is difficult, but not impossible. It requires commitment, dedication and determination to meet the client’s requirements and deliver work on time.

If you missed the deadline, it will ultimately effect on your performance and career growth. Whether you work with code, graphics, words, you can simply meet the deadlines of your work projects by using calendars and reminders. Tackling any looming deadline efficiently has become easier with TaskQue – a smart task management application that allows you to manage your projects effectively.

In this blog post, I will help you to ensure your project deadlines remain under your control.

How To Never Miss a Deadline Again

Write Down All Your Tasks on a To-Do List

02-write-down-all-your-tasks-on-a-to-do-listPrior to digging into your mailbox every morning, create a task list. There are probably
a lot of tasks running in your mind, so it is advisable to get them up on your to-do list
and work through them one by one.

Once you have noted down everything, view your calendar and add scheduled meetings, calls, and tasks for the day to your list.

Divide your tasks in a number of working hours in a week. At the end of every project, assess the accuracy of your initial estimation to improve the future forecast. By the time, you will learn to manage your time more effectively.

Use a Calendar to Keep on Schedule

03-use-a-calendar-to-keep-on-scheduleIn order to meet your deadlines on time, almost every entrepreneur should get friendly with the calendar apps.

TaskQue is packed with amazing functions that refuse to let you forget any meeting, call or appointment. You can set reminders for yourself so that no matter how busy you are, you will not ignore the on-time email and notification
from TaskQue.

Always Stick to a Strict Schedule

04-always-stick-to-a-strict-scheduleStay motivated while planning to meet your project deadline. You will definitely never miss any deadline if you are committed to a strict schedule.

It is always a good idea to give yourself extra time than you actually need to accomplish an assigned task or project. In this way, you will still have more time to get things finalized.


Set Realistic Targets to Stay Always on Top

05-set-realistic-targets-to-stay-always-on-topAn unrealistic deadline and enormous goal can be overwhelming and chances are you will miss your deadline due to stress and anxiety. It is highly recommended to break down your project into small, realistic goals that can be tracked by you, your team and your client as well.

That way every group member can see that you are making progress, the work can be assessed and tweaked as you move on. Setting milestones and developing an aggressive schedule is the key to get your project completed on time without missing any deadline.

In case if you missed your deadline, don’t beat yourself up. In this worst scenario, the missed opportunity can harm the business, so determine how you can recover and create an opportunity to build a strong customer relationship.

It just depends on your action and how you overcome the situation. Create a plan of action and figure out how you can do everything in your control to add value to your work. Frame your missed deadline and try to improve your legitimacy so that clients trust in you.