Teeming with New Big Business Ideas? Cease the Moment & Go for One Right Now


Our minds are a bottomless repository of business ideas, but only some are good enough to reach a probable conclusion. Realizing which ideas can cross over the thresholds of everlasting success is a bit of a challenging task to achieve. Sometimes, understanding when it is time to walk away from your tiringly cumbersome and an over exhaustive job can make all the difference in your life.

To leave your job sounds like a big challenge and to understand when it’s time to carve your own path is a bigger one. Michael Rangel, Founder, and CEO at Clear Financial is of the opinion that a typical reason for young people to cling to their job is threefold:

1) I need more money so I can launch something of my own.

2) I need more experience before I start something big of my own.

3) I need to socialize more to get more doors opened up along the way.

You surround yourself with endless bouts of worries, such as whether my big idea is going to see the light of day, can its property right be protected so it doesn’t get stolen, how will it perform in a regulated industry, whether it will require a large up-front cost, And the most important of all: is my idea unique?

if you feel weighed under by all these apprehensions and more, and you’re not really sure whether it is the right time to give a nod to your far-reaching aspirations, this post can help you realize when it is the right time to go forward with your next big business idea.


Mitigating the Fear of the Unknown

Often times, young entrepreneurs planning on taking the big leap are held up by the sacred fear of the unknown. What if my big business ideas completely fall through the cracks?

How can you be exactly sure whether you will be able to hunt down a gigantic fish when you are incapable of going out into the ocean due to your cosmic fear of drowning. It’s time to put aside your fears permanently.

When the right idea clicks in your mind, you will have an epiphany that it is something which has the potential to become highly valuable for you. You don’t have to worry about the “hows”, as they will come to you along the way. Your journey only requires that you take the first step needed to make it happen.

All you ever need is to identify the existing gap in the market and find out a way to bridge that chasm in a lucrative way, and you too can become a successful entrepreneur.


In case, Your Job Suffocates You…

“Day one I knew that a traditional career path was not for me,”

said Rachael Bozsik, CEO, and Founder of The Brand Girls, a College Women’s Workshop.

“In the moment when my boss told me that I had to clock in and out for my lunch hour that it would never work. If you have a brilliant idea that you want to work on you had to go through two levels of management to get approved. I am and have always been entrepreneurially spirited at my past experiences I felt completely creatively suffocated!”

But Rachael Bozsik isn’t the only one who realized this great fact; Many other millennials have jumped on the same bandwagon. Great business ideas only break through the ice when they are started at the earliest. And who told you that you can’t make one possible for yourself while you are riddled with the confines of your job!

Joanna Jiang, Founder of LadyMarry, a virtual wedding planner app, encourages everyone with her words:

“Try to find a job that you are excited about and can’t help thinking about the daily projects,”

It will not only keep your level of enthusiasm in check, but it will also equip you with better tactics so you can navigate the choppy seas.


When You Know You Have the Skills to Nail It!

Polishing your skills in order to achieve big is going to take some time. However, if you are already skilled enough to understand where you stand and what resources you require in order to build that foundation; the path to success can become a whole lot easier for you to tread on.

You can easily find the right expertise to get your technical tasks done and you will have the eye out for quality because you have relatively operated in the industry previously. It might not be as plain sailing as you intend it to be, but it will surely keep you out of the storm.


If You Feel a Bit Selfish…

While you are working at a fast pace organization, there hardly comes a time where you self-actualize yourself. However, if you do realize the fullest potential of your talent and skill set,  there is a high chance that you can ultimately end up becoming a little selfish.

According to Bob Rosen, the author of Grounded: How Leaders Stay Rooted in an Uncertain World, orients his world around survival across all walks of life.

“As we evolved, we developed higher order needs, [such as] becoming community centered,” he says. “Our theory of human development is based on a model that you’re either selfish or you’re community oriented. The truth is that you need to be both. It’s not an either-or.”

A similar belief has been held by Akash Nigam, CEO of Blend, a messaging app for Millennials, as he encourages millennials to step forward

“Be selfish,” he says “As a young adult, you are allowed to be selfish—you are generally only responsible for yourself and you should use that time to really explore what you are passionate about. If you are 20 and dreaming about what you want to become when you are an established, 40 years old professional, figure out how to achieve that at 20 years old.”

Feeling a little selfish professionally for the sake of your personal benefit isn’t a bad option. What if that selfishness can help you kick in the entrepreneurial flare in yourself?

As Michael Jordan once said,

“To be successful you have to be selfish, or else you never achieve. And once, you get to your highest level, then you have to be unselfish.”


Have You Fortified Your Business Idea Yet?

Patents create a moat around your business. Remember how kings used to fight their battles in medieval times? They used to dig up deep trenches around their castles and fill them up with water and crocodiles. The only way to enter the castle was by lowering a drawbridge.

Here’s an exclusive image of how a modern-day castle with a moat in Miami looks like:

If your business is patented with exclusive licenses and intellectual property rights, it will certainly become difficult for anyone else to copy it. Having dug up a somewhat similar level of trench around your business is good enough as you will have something to back it up with one legally suing a competitor; having none at all can get you stranded in dire straits.

Probably, you’re the last person who wants to find themselves in such a situation now, do you?


Don’t Give Up! Go & Chase Your Big Dream

So, who’s stopping you from getting out there and making that big kill? It’s time you identify those hindrances & obstacles and permanently remove them. Don’t let others convince you that your dream is unachievable just because their dreams never made it to the sunlight. Don’t give up! Go, chase that dream.