Night Routine Habits that can make your life Ultra-Productive Every Day

Night Routine

We all had nights where we had enough. Tired with the day’s work, the only form of entertainment you can think of is to log in to your Netflix account. You search and find a movie that you might like. However, before you hit the “play” button imagine this, HBR published a study where they showed that there is a link between how much you sleep vs how effective a leader you are.

The main point raised in the study is that the more you delay your sleep routine, the worst you’ll be at problem-solving, be results driven, and see a problem from other’s perspective – and chances are you’ll be pretty ratty, too.

However, the good news is that you can avoid all the slothfulness by following a night routine. If you do these things before bed, you’ll be productive throughout the next day:

  • Ready your meal

It will only take just a few minutes to prepare the meal, but this will save a lot of your precious morning time. When you are done with dinner or while making dinner, you can make some extra side-dish. A sandwich, a fruit salad, or even an easy-to-make meal.

Try the overnight recipe like oats recipes, leftover vegetables, or egg which you can bake in the morning in a spare of 5mins. Just a word of warning. If you eat your breakfast at the office, your co-workers might feel jealous by your ability to manage time effectively.

  • Pick and Choose your Dress

Do you know that clothes increase your productivity?

You are how you dress. Wearing the right clothes can boost your confidence, make you more productive. And sometimes wearing bright colors can help you close more sales deals.

Whatever you wear at work affects your work performance.

Will you decide what to wear at the last moment?

How many times have you found yourself wasting much time in front of closet lamenting that you have nothing to wear? By picking out and laying out what you will wear tomorrow can add precious minutes to your morning. A ready outfit will make you one step ahead in the morning. You will just wear the clothes and this will give you some time to do other important stuff.


  • Create a detailed to do list

Here comes the evergreen to do list. If you are new to TaskQue, you can plan your day a night earlier. Just sign-up to TaskQue. Add your employees and start assigning them tasks for tomorrow.

You are coming back to the to-do list. Make the list of priorities that you are willing to accomplish. Whether you have an important meeting tomorrow, or some leftover tasks of today, list them out in detail. When you have everything in front of you, it will be easy for you to execute things.

A perfect night routine will have all the tiny details listed and assigned. If you are a project manager, ensure that the project is on-time. List the steps that will help you to deliver the project smoothly.

  • Tune down the lights

Eye-Opening research shows that blue light which is emitted from electronic devices can have adverse effects on your health. Additionally, it will make it hard for you to sleep. Lack of sleep will increase the risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular. Blocking blue light will help you sleep faster.

Experts suggest that it is good to put away these devices three hours before your sleep. The red or white lights have low-energy in terms of wavelengths which will help you sleep faster.

  • Meditate

If you are like me, it might feel impossible to shut the inner critic. The unwanted chatter which keeps me awake. There are apps like Meditation Studio, Calm and Headspace, which will help you to do a guided meditation. Regardless of how isonomic you are, you will drift away to sleep comfortably. Oh, make sure you shut your screen (See tip 4).

Whether the amount you sleep is closer to Jeff Bezos (sometimes he sleeps just 4 hours) or Elon Musk, adopting a healthy night routine will help you get the most out of your sleep.



  1. Great blog! But I would rather prefer a weekly meal than planning about it a night before. Scheduling weekly meals beforehand on calendar save a lot of my time. And also I can stock the vegetables and ingredient beforehand. 🙂 🙂 I agree to the rest of the points. Thanks for sharing the productivity wisdom 🙂

    • Thanks Nakul for your reply. That’s totally fine. Be productive at your own terms. As for vegetables, I prefer fresh vegetables so I cannot store and eat knowing that they are not fresh haha!