Why Office Design Matters and How It Can Stir Up Your Creative Juice


Did you know that the design aesthetics of your workplace have a great impression on the way you work? In fact, the more visually appealing the workspace design is, both aesthetically and functionally, the more productive your employees will be.

It’s no wonder that disgruntled employees cost companies big operating budgets each year. A report suggests that “unhappy employees cost U.S. based companies between $450 billion and $550 billion in lost productivity each year.” But the good news is that employers can help reduce these losses by knowing the reasons for unhappiness in the workplace. A survey suggests that 97% of workers consider their office ambiance and interiors a key sign whether or not they are valued by their boss.

Business productivity depends on a variety of key factors and the look and feel of a workspace are one of them. The way workers are accommodated and the kind of atmosphere they work indirectly impact the way they work. Employers should realize that inspiring surroundings and creative vents can have a direct impact on their employees’ creativity.

An amazing office design can do wonders. Here are some awesome tips for employers on how they can improve their office design and get the creative juices flowing in their organization:

Provide as much Daylight as Possible

Natural light matters a lot in a workplace. In fact, daylight exposure will greatly impact the performance, health and potential that can be harnessed from employees. So, who wants to get the window seat?

Image Source: Cohere

As compared to workers that have ample access to natural light, the ones that were devoid of windows in offices, reported poor sleep patterns, reduced efficiency and daytime dysfunction. If you can’t afford to add more big windows to your existing workspace, consider using natural light bulbs and open doors to allow in more natural light.

Look at the office space of Path. Their workplace incorporates a lot of big windows that provide natural light and offer their workers a healthy dose of daily sunshine.

Another great example is that of Zazzle. The 90,000 square-foot area is designed with DIY and hand-crafted aesthetics in mind. Wild wallpapers adorning the walls, floral and comfortable lounges that are a treat for the eyes, and the ample flood of natural light that pours in from big windows, make their employees feel a lot perkier and up for productivity.

Provide Comfortable Furniture 

Every piece of furniture plays a key role in boosting your employees’ productivity, since employees feel a lot less productive when they are discomfited. With the inclusion of comfortable furniture, you can take your employees’ throughput to a whole new level. This is why many established brands are replacing their boring, old school rigid furniture with chic, ergonomic signature pieces that are designed with employee health and comfort in mind. This is because uncomfortable furniture will make you irritated and wreak havoc on your health in the long run.

For instance, you can install this amazing ergonomic desk system in your office, tailor-made for professionals to boost concentration and increase their productivity. This will work wonders when you need to work individually and covet the much needed the privacy to focus.

Pay Attention to Colors

Perhaps you may not realize it, but the colors surrounding you have a great bearing on your mood and brain activity. A research suggests that employees who work in subtle hued office environments exude an ability to perform better and seem more satisfied with their jobs. Blue, white, and light-green shades are a few good color choices that offices should think about in their next overhaul ventures.

Let’s take an example of Spotify, the music streaming company. Since their office is designed by their team, it provides their employees with height adjustable desks that are downright miraculous. The Spotify office is brimming with loads of team workspaces, open workstations and seats galore. The whole office design is resplendent with cool color splashes that sooth the eyes.

However, there are a plethora of offices that go for bright colors, since they are of an opinion that vibrant hues assist in improving a person’s mood and help alleviate stress. The office space of Etsy embodies this exception. It is filled with brightly colored furniture as far as the eye can see, and induces a cozy living area feel that makes the employees feel at home. Every piece here inspires its workers to create something innovative and out of the box.

Designate a Place to Relax

Today, people look for a tranquil space at work to relieve stress and catch a quick catnap perhaps. One in five office employees agree that having space where they can relax at work or engage in a casual recreation can help prepare them for the rest of a laborious work day, a survey suggests. These segregated spaces can allow workers to feel more comfortable, discuss ideas openly, and collaborate better with their colleagues at work. Providing a place to escape workplace stressors is important to make the most of your employees. These spaces can be used to alleviate eyestrain, neck and back pain as well.

Look at Foursquare’s office for a dose of inspiration. Their workplace is filled with unconventional lounges and workspaces. The Foursquare office touts a fun recreational area with foosball, and ping pong tables and a shuffleboard that allows employees to escape the office life for a while.

Provide Quiet Spaces to Work

Open-plan offices seem off-putting, boisterous and irritating. They run over your creativity, productivity and focus. Just as employees need a place to relax, they also need a place to concentrate, improve their productivity and get more work done.

Workers are distracted every 11 minutes on average and can take up to 23 minutes or more to regain their focus. Some employees can better handle distractions than others. It is advised to provide more privacy to every employee and set aside a particular place where they can focus on their tasks.

The modern, minimalist and elegant office design of Dropbox provides its employees with a comfortable and relaxing environment to work.

To Conclude it All

Office design matters a lot. Make your office a place where employees are happy coming to. Make sure that every employee can do his/her best work. Meet the requirements of your employees and create the best environment for maximum productivity.

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