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Detoxify Your Workplace

Detoxify Your Workplace: Avoid These 7 Toxic Personalities to Succeed

When it comes to your workspace, no one can deny the fact that we spend more time at work than at our home. Unfortunately,...

Why Office Design Matters and How It Can Stir Up Your Creative Juice

Did you know that the design aesthetics of your workplace have a great impression on the way you work? In fact, the more visually...

Google Analyzed 180 Teams for Two Years and Found These 5 Common Traits

What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you hear the word “Google”? Did you say, “Search engine”? If yes,...

How High-Performance Employees Re-Focus after a mind-shattering Meeting?

If you’re leading the meeting and want to check everyone is listening:“OK, so before we start this meeting, lets’ be clear about why we’re...

8 Compelling Advantages of Informal Organization Culture

From official emails, corporate suits and briefcases to casual dress code and lean 'n mean organizational structure, we have witnessed a dramatic shift in...

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