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Google Reveals 6 Attributes That Transform New Managers Into Great Leaders

How do you know that a manager is doing a great job?Most companies capitalize on a 360-degree feedback mechanism to glean insights into the...

Freelance Vs Full-time: What Makes Freelancers Knights in Shining Armor?

As I tried to sell my prospective employers on why I was the best resource for hire, I was compelled to tantalize their taste...
Creative Thinking

Unlock Your Grey Cells: Nip these Obstacles that Thwart Creative Thinking in the Bud

Creativity, Creativity, Creative thinking. We hear it so many times that we start to question what the word actually entails. Here is Steve Jobs’...
Chefs teach product managers on productivity

What Can Chefs teach Product Managers on Productivity?

The celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay knows exactly what he wants from his team, how to get it done, and how to leave his customers coming...

10 leadership lessons from the dotcom Mogul Himself: Jeff Bezos

His net worth increased by $6 billion in just 20 minutes which entitled him to the title of the richest man on the planet....

Sustainability Leadership: How the Paradigm is Shifting To Triple Bottom Line

What is all this talk about sustainability leadership? Hasn’t the idea bubbled up in the last few decades?With summer at its zenith, a group of...

Break the Shackles and Enhance your Career with these Infallible Nuggets of Wisdom

Last week, I gave a talk for the Young Leader Series. Normally, I talk about startups and Entrepreneurs, so this was a unique experience...
Sisyphean Tasks

How to Tackle & Overcome Sisyphean Tasks When Faced In Organizations

If you are a big Greek mythology buff, I can safely venture to say that the name Sisyphus must ring a bell. Sisyphus was...
AI Effects on Leadership

AI Calling The Shots Will Change the Course of Leadership

I do love to read books, and if you are reading this article right now, it is pretty evident that you are into reading...
Common Things to Be More Productive

Science Says You Must Stop Doing These 7 Common Things to Be More Productive

From the minute I entered school till the day I graduated from university, I was taught the innumerable merits of industrious labor. As a...

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