Overcome Post-Holiday Season Workplace Blues with These Tips

Overcome Post Holiday Season Workplace Blues with These Tips - TaskQue Blog

It is that time of the year when the holiday season ends and work season begins. Getting back to work and delivering your best after a long vacation is extremely tough for employees both physically and mentally. Your employer is more worried about the post-holiday season productivity slump. After attending many events back to back, you might be exhausted. In this article, I am sharing some tips that will help you in avoiding post-holiday season blues at the workplace. Without further delay, let us get down to business.

  • Give Your Employees Some Rest Around the Holidays

Give Your Employees Some Rest Around the Holidays - Taskque BlogAlthough, this might seem a little odd to many but giving employees some blackout days near the holidays can get them ready to celebrate the holiday season fully. This way, they will not be exhausted when they return to work after holidays and will be more productiveThat is what employers want from their employees. They expect you to be at your best when you are back to work instead of showing off signs of fatigue and rustiness. Make sure to plan your work accordingly so that you are done with all the key stuff before your employees go for holidays.

  • Set Goals for the New Year

Set Goals for the New Year - TaskQue BlogAnother tip that could uplift the spirits of your employees after the holiday season is to tell them about the goals you want to achieve this year. Telling your employees about the goals is not enough; you need to discuss how the company will achieve these goals and what contribution each employee will have to make to achieve the organizational objectives.

  • Make the Transition Easier For Employees

Why employees take so much time to settle into their work routines after they come back from holidays? The reason is that their employees make the transition even tougher for them by giving them a mountain to climb. Give them some time to switch from holiday mode to work mode by slowly increasing the workload after holidays. This will make the transition smoother and quicker. Once employees settle into their work routine quickly, they will be more productive again and can make up for the shortfall easily.

  • Schedule a Team Meeting In First Week of January

Schedule a Team Meeting In First Week of January - TaskQue BlogTo kick off the New Year on a high, schedule a meeting just after the holidays. To increase engagement, you can make it a get-together. Use this as a platform to discuss your future prospects with your team members. Discuss ideas and schedule as well as some strategic aspects on how you will achieve your New Year objectives. These meetings play an important role in ensuring that all your employees are fully aware of your plans and how to achieve those plans so there is no misconceptions and misunderstandings in their minds.

  • Kick Off a Health Drive

It is the ideal time to initiate the health drive in your organization to keep your employees healthy and productive after the holiday season. This initiative will breathe new life into your employees. More importantly, it helps them to get out of the lazy and laid-back holiday mode quickly. As a result, they will be more productive when they come back to work after holidays.

  • Reward Proactive Behavior

After the holiday season, your employees will be down but it is your duty to encourage them to act proactively. You could also consider rewarding employees who are more productive after the holiday season. This will create a sense of healthy competition among team members. As a result, most of the team members will strive to achieve the reward. This will automatically translate into productive results.


If you want to start the New Year with a bang, then make the transition easier for your employees. Give them some rest around the holidays so they can enjoy the holidays. Conduct meetings to brief your team members about the plans. Tell them about your goals and reward productive and positive employees. Initiate a health regimen for your employees to keep them physically and mentally fit.

Keeping the spirits of your team members high is challenging, especially after the holiday season, because they are in a laid-back mode. By following the aforementioned tips, you could certainly get the best out of all your employees.