8 Productivity Gurus Share their Advice to Kick-Out Distractions and Do More Work

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Regardless of how much you love work, it is always difficult to direct 100% attention to your work. Although there are tools like TaskQue that can boost your productivity, there is no one-solution-fits-all. Therefore, we take advice from productivity gurus who have been there and tried everything from practical work to moving out from their comfort zone.

And here we are, sharing the best tips to eliminate all distractions and get more work done.

1. Do Microbursts of Physical Activity

A new study published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience has shown that physical activity boosts creativity. It comes as no surprise that exercise does wonders for your attention span.

Whether you engage in walking meetings with a co-worker or take stairs instead of elevator, it will not only overcome your fatigue but also refuel your body.

When you get away from the screen just for a few hours, it helps your brain relax, and when your brain is relaxed, it can solve even the most difficult problems in that state of mind.

2. Maintain a Productive Attitude Towards Work

If you ask any successful person, they will tell you a better chunk of success comes from the unconscious mind.  When we are emotionally disturbed, it gets difficult for the brain to process information and maintain a positive attitude towards work.

To unveil your creative side, we must develop the habit of manifestation which is a powerful tool for productivity. This starts by visualizing the next day to be a productive day right before you go to bed.

Make a note to have your subconsciousness align itself to this while you’re sleeping. Call on your creativity to rise to the occasion. Then, when you wake up, turn your thoughts toward your intention from the moment you open your eyes. See clearly and feel yourself accomplishing. Take note of your mental clarity and see how it compares to your normal state. Perhaps this can be your new normal.

3. Don’t Skip Meals

While you’re at home, it is easy to skimp on lunch, or when attending an important meeting, you forget to eat three square meals. Though you shouldn’t feel guilty about it, skipping meals is known to have a negative effect on your productivity.

Not eating adequately lowers the blood sugar which makes it difficult to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. Keeping your body and your brain well fueled will help you maximize your productivity.

If for some reason you cannot have a full meal, try to opt for protein and fiber-rich foods. Or you can grab a hard-boiled egg, yogurt, fresh fruits, and nuts which are excellent backups when hunger threatens to wreak havoc on your focus.

4. Not Sleeping well

It might feel entertaining to binge-watch the next big hit tv series on Netflix and it might also give you something to talk about the next day with your co-workers. But on a bigger scale, doing this will affect your efficiency.

The Psychiatrist Kaiser Permanente explains that when you are devoid of sleep, you’ll not only feel moody and down in the dumps, you’ll make mistakes too at work without even noticing. He further explains that an adult needs an average of seven to eight hours of a good night sleep.

Before you hit the pillow, turn of all electronic gadgets to keep distractions at bay. Much like maintaining a healthy diet, it is vital to keep a steady sleep schedule and sleep soundly.

5. Prioritize Smartly

There is no end to ‘I need to get this done today’, and the to-do list for everyday gets bigger and bigger with time. But it is often impossible to tick off all the things that are important. Therefore, you need to create a ‘must-do’ list instead. And tackle things which are worth your effort and energy first.

It is okay to keep a to-do list to keep track of things which need to be done. But what is more important is to keep the ‘must-do’ closer to you. Stick it to your table, use an app to keep this list in front of your eyes all the time.

The trick here is to play around and find a system that works for you, then use it to ensure that you’re focusing on what matters the most to you.

6. Smooth Transition

After 10 grueling hours of the daily drudgery, you finally get the time to finish the things that your boss told you to do urgently.

Those brief minutes between one task and another, as you shift your attention, are a super important part of productivity.

The productivity coach, Colene Elridge, recommends taking a pause between transitioning from one task to another. This tells your brain that one thing is done and dusted with, and you need to open your mind for the next task. Acknowledge your achievements and reach a closure before starting a new task and see how things turn out.

7. Chewing Gum

Your secret weapon for Productivity, Alertness and Charisma…it’s not what you expect. It is not the time, nor is it the brain that you put into an activity. It is Chewing Gum that puts you in a productive mode.

Studies have shown that a simple gum can enhance your focus and attention span. Next time you want a boost in your productivity, try to put a gum in your mouth before you attend a meeting and see how things turn out in your favor.

8. Kill the big frog first

Before anything gets at you, prioritize the most important tasks in the morning.

Be it working out, meditating, reading, or sneaking in a snuggle with your partner or child, do what feels right when the alarm clock goes off.

Doing the things that are important and urgent to you will establish a sense of achievement right at the onset of the day for you.

Closing it up

Not every day will be perfectly productive; don’t beat yourself up over it. Instead, refocus your energy and implement these tips. Once you find the sweet spot that works for you, you’ll be amazed at how much more you can get done both in and out of the workplace.