Productivity Hacks: What makes Jeff Bezos & Mark Zuckerberg the Ultimate Internet Warriors?

Productivity Hacks of Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg

What do Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter have in common?

Apart from being highly successful, they’re the ultimate productivity workplaces.

Surely you cannot control the external resources that are slowing you down, but you what you can do is be more productive.

You can read books on productivity or you can learn from productivity warriors mentioned in this blog.

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For some, these might be small hacks, but they are tried and tested by Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook. So, yes, they have something that is working and you can do that too.

Here are four secrets for getting important work done, according to these billionaires and successful entrepreneurs:

1) Make space for Big Audacious Goals

Productivity is all about setting a goal and taking the necessary steps to achieve that goal. Therefore, Mark Zuckerberg take out every year to make space for all the important goals. Mark loves to learn new things.

To date, he has done everything from learning Mandarin to meeting a new person each day outside of work — big goals that fit into his overall vision for work and life.

The Same approach is followed by Jeff Bozos but with a slight change. Instead of just making personal goals, Jeff focuses on customer-oriented goals. Goals that add value to the customer. As per the words of Jeff, “We learn whatever skills we need to service the customer. We build whatever technology we need to service the customer.”

2) Start each day/project with a theme

The way you structure your day is the way your day will proceed. When Twitter founder Jack Dorsey was splitting his time between Twitter & Square, he stayed productive by giving a theme for each day. For instance, Mondays for product – Mondays for Management, etc. He further explains in an interview “There is interruption all the time, but I can quickly deal with an interruption and then know that it’s Tuesday, I have product meetings, and I need to focus on product stuff.”

On the other hand, Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz prefer ‘no-meeting Wednesdays’ and Asana CEO believes that each team needs to spend a solid amount of time for “focused, heads-down work.”

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3) Set limits for meetings, emails, and tasks

Too much to do and less time are the blame game for every Entrepreneur. Successful Entrepreneurs make the most of their time. For instance, businessman and former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn prefer setting a time limit for everything. According to him “The maximum is one hour and 30 minutes. Fifty percent of the time is for the presentation, 50 percent is for discussion.”

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO prefers a different time of limiting. She limits her work emails for the single day. “I would rather give a short, quick, incomplete answer than wait and do it better,” she says.

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4) Create “deep work” zones

Bill Gates, when he was 20 years old created a productivity technique “Deep work”. He would set apart 25 minutes in which he used to do distraction-free work. He picked the most difficult task and do those in ‘deep work’ time. Stopping only for sleep and nothing else.

Author Cal Newport, who wrote a book titled Deep Work, has said, “Deep work is important … not because distraction is evil, but because it enabled Bill Gates to start a billion-dollar industry in less than a semester.”

To wrap it all up

You might use all these tips or even one of them. The point is, to develop a mindset of productivity. You can use any of the online productivity management tools to cut down your time.

And that might be the ultimate productivity secret: focus. When you bring more and more of it into your life, you might be amazed at what you can accomplish in a single day.

What are your productivity secrets?