Top Productivity Killers At Work That Gnaw Away At Your Concentration


Let’s imagine a scenario: its 9:15 a.m., you are sitting at your desk, checking your task list and thinking, “okay let’s start my day with this task”.  You open a Word doc or an Excel file. You have an idea of how this task needs to be done, you plan how you are going to go about it in your mind, and start with the preamble, but suddenly bam! You find your focus and determination wavering and your hands reaching for your phone.You think to yourself, “I am burned out, I need some respite to rejuvenate my mind”. You start perusing through your Facebook news feed; 30 minutes down the drain. Then watch a few hilarious videos on YouTube that somebody had recommended; 45 minutes gone. A co-worker walks over and stirs up a chat. Suddenly you realize it’s your coffee break – more time wasted. Just when you are thinking about getting back to your task, it’s almost lunchtime and your productivity hours seemed to have unceremoniously flown out the window.

Does this scenario ring a bell? Do you ever find yourself squandering away your entire day, with nothing to show for it? If that is the case, you are not alone; especially when it comes to distractions or procrastination at work. It’s seriously not a piece of cake to stay focused on every task when you need to work for hours at a time. But there are some ultra-productive people who are able to do it.

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But the question remains, how can they do it when you can’t?

Here are a few prevalent productivity killers that might resonate with you, and a few amazing hacks to improve your focus and overcome these common workplace distractions. Check out this infographic to know how to stop those time traps and stay on track.


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