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AI in project management

AI In Project Management: 7 Ways in Which AI Will Transform Project Management

Artificial Intelligence is disrupting every industry you can think of and project management is no exception to this rule. According to AI Innovators: Cracking...
Top 10 Project Management Trend Predictions for 2017 - TaskQue Blog

Top 10 Project Management Trend Predictions for 2017

The project Management field has been transformed due to people’s expectations, requirements and different business practices. Times have changed and the use of limited...
Habits of Successful Project Managers - TaskQue Blog

8 Common Habits of Successful Project Managers

With so many things to take care of, project management can be quite taxing on both your physical and mental health. As a project...
PMBoK Knowledge Areas - TaskQue Blog

PMBoK Knowledge Areas: 9 Must Know Aspects Related to PM

Project management has evolved from few simple principles to a wide subject with many complex concepts. To make it easier for people to understand...

What is a Construction Project Manager Responsible for?

A construction project manager can be construed as the conductor of an orchestra. They direct fellow workers and provide instructions so that all team...
Project Management Skills

7 Critical Project Management Skills That Will Help You Thrive In 2020

Project management is evolving with every passing day and so should project managers. We are moving in an age where project managers will have...
Project Scope Management - TaskQue Blog

A Beginner’s Journey into the World of Project Scope Management

“To create a big company, you need more partners, as it is hard to handle such a project alone. Such projects bring access to...

5 Incredible Ideas to Create an Amazing Perfect Project Plan in the Future

They say, “Project plans are one of the most essential elements yet the most misunderstood term in the field of project management.” As an entrepreneur, a...

7 Simple Yet Effective Steps to Create A Perfect Project Timeline

One of the biggest reasons why projects fail is because project managers set unrealistic deadlines and goals. Setting unpragmatic deadlines and targets not only...
PRINCE2 PM Methodology - TaskQue Blog

PRINCE2 Project Management Methodology: A Bird’s Eye View

 Gone are the days when project management used to have a few simple principles. In today’s project management scenario, those few principles have grown...

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