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8 Scrum Best Practices That Make your Meetings Fruitful - TaskQue Blog

8 Scrum Best Practices That Make your Meetings Fruitful

Meetings are an important component of our professional lives. With the sheer number of meetings that are taking place every month, it is...

5 Similarities between Halloween and Project Management

With Halloween just around the corner, many of us will put on our creepy monster costumes and go outside to scare people but what...
Project Management Skills

7 Critical Project Management Skills That Will Help You Thrive In 2020

Project management is evolving with every passing day and so should project managers. We are moving in an age where project managers will have...
PMBoK Knowledge Areas - TaskQue Blog

PMBoK Knowledge Areas: 9 Must Know Aspects Related to PM

Project management has evolved from few simple principles to a wide subject with many complex concepts. To make it easier for people to understand...
agile project management principles - TaskQue Blog

12 Key Principles of Agile Project Management

If you have ever taken part in a sport, then you might be familiar with the advice "Stick to the basics". Fortunately, this also holds...
How Project Managers Can Make Better Decisions - TaskQue Blog

How Project Managers Can Make Better Decisions with These 8 Tips

As humans, we’re defined by our DNA, our morphology, but as people we’re defined by the decisions we make and the decisions that we...

Which Type of Project Manager You Are? 4 Common Types of Project Managers

According to a global project management report, 97% of organizations believe that project management is crucial for organization success and business performance. Efficient project...

Top 7 Secrets of Successful Project Managers

Project management might seem simpler to many but in reality, things are quite different. Project management exposes project managers to different types of issues...
Pmp Preparation Time - TaskQue Blog

How Much Time is Required For PMP Exam Preparation?

We conducted a survey in the year 2016 and then published the best responses on the average time of preparation for the PMP exam,...
10 Lessons Project Managers Can Learn From Greek Mythology - TaskQue Blog

10 Lessons Project Managers Can Learn From Greek Mythology

When we talk about old civilizations, the first name that comes to our mind is ancient Greeks. In two of his most popular novels...

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