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What is a Construction Project Manager Responsible for?

A construction project manager can be construed as the conductor of an orchestra. They direct fellow workers and provide instructions so that all team...
Role of Agile project management in increasing productivity

Role of Agile Project Management in Increasing Productivity level

Adaptation of Agile project methodologies are now being implemented rapidly by different level of organizations for increasing their effectiveness. How professionals see role of...
Agile Project Management Methodology - TaskQue Blog

Agile Project Management Methodology: 10 Reasons Why It Works

If you have been following project management lately, you might have come across agile project management methodology. According to Pulse of Profession report, 75%...
Hybrid DevOps In Project Management?

How To Implement a Hybrid DevOps In Project Management?

In the early days of project management, there were a handful of principles and project management methodologies. The waterfall model used to be a...

How to Determine the Worth of a Project Manager?

Project management community has expanded to multiple channels including social media and dedicated discussion forums. Project is number 1 forum of project managers....

7 Proven Ways Lean Six Sigma Methodology Can Speed Up Your Business Growth

You are planning to launch a new product. From creating the hype to announcing the launch event date and everything in between, you have...
Agile Principles

How to use Agile Principles to Transform your Business?

Businesses are moving forward – if you are not moving with that speed, you are losing quite a lot of business.How companies gather data...
LinkedIn Groups

10 LinkedIn Groups every Entrepreneur & Project Manager should join

Starting a business is not everybody’s cup of tea. Trust me, Entrepreneurs, business owners, and project owners cannot succeed without soliciting the help of...
Project Stakeholders - TaskQue Blog

8 Project Stakeholders You Should Never Ignore Before Project Launch

Whether you are starting a small project or kicking off a complex project, there are so many things that you have to deal with...

Digital Project Manager And PM Book “Project management for Humans” Author Brett Harned Interview

Brett Harned is one of the top names in project management who has been working in the field for past 15 years managing all...

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