8 Reasons Why Hiring Introverts Is Great For Your Business

8 Reasons Why Hiring Introverts Is Great For Your Business - TaskQue Blog

Most companies prefer hiring outgoing individuals who exhibit a flair for taking the initiative and leading from the front. According to organizational psychologists and personality experts, hiring introverts can be as productive and valuable for an organization as hiring an extrovert can be, if not more. For this very reason, recruiters should think twice before discounting an introvert when looking to inject fresh blood into their organization.

Introvert employees have certain qualities that make tend to make them shine brighter and perform far better than a lot of extroverts around them. These unique qualities make them a great fit for any workplace. More importantly, these differentiating qualities will enable introverts to rule over the business world in years to come. In this article, you will discover why giving preference to introverts over extroverts is a much safer bet for businesses.

1. They Remain Focused

They Stay Focused - TaskQue Blog

With so many distractions around us, sometimes, keeping employees focused on the goal becomes a huge challenge for managers. However, with recruiting introverts, you do not have to face any of these issues. Introverts are not easily distracted and therefore possess laser-like focus. They are not influenced by external environment as much as extroverts are because they rely on their internal energy.

2. They Are Innovative & Creative Thinkers

They Are Innovative and Creative Thinkers - TaskQue BlogAs mentioned above, introverts have a much better future at the workplace because by being focused and undistracted by what’s happening around them they tend to be more innovative and creative thinkers. Creative thinking and innovation will become one of the most valuable skills in future. Research conducted by Harvard University Professor Randy Barker also revealed that introverts have a larger and thicker gray area in their brains that gives them the tendency to be more imaginative & inventive compared to extroverts.

This helps introverts to be great at abstract thinking and decision-making. As introverts spend most of their time introspecting, they’re in a better position to come up with novel ideas more quickly and they streamline these ideas even before discussing with others.

3. They Require Less Supervision

They Require Less Supervision - TaskQue BlogAnother quality that makes introverts great employees and an asset for your for an organization is the fact that they require less supervision and can work independently. This is a great news for managers, as it reduces time spent on supervision, thus rendering them extra time to focus on tasks that have long-term implications. The more the introverts in your team, the lesser you have to supervise them. This gives managers an opportunity to focus on important tasks, which has a direct impact on the success of your business.

According to research conducted on the psychology of an introvert by Hans Eysenck, introverts are tailor-made for working alone and require minimal supervision. Due to their risk-averse personality, they listen to the instructions and take each step carefully so you do not have to tell them what to do all the time.

4. They Are Great Listeners

They Are Great Listeners - TaskQue BlogWhile extroverts are mostly all about talking, introverts are good at listening and comprehending the instructions in a much better way. Their keen listening ability helps them to focus on minute details and allows them to carry out each task efficiently. As a result, they perform much better as compared to extroverts.

Introverts are great at deflecting workplace conflicts and toxic situations because by nature they mind their own business and avoid workplace politics. Therefore balancing your team with a couple of introverts can reduce stress and tension resulting from interpersonal conflicts.

5. They Stay Calm under Pressure

They Stay Calm under Pressure - TaskQue BlogThe thought process of introverts is designed to avoid risks and interruptions enabling them to thrive under pressure. A tight deadline or time constraints does not bother introverts and they remain calm even in tough situations. This capability helps them to do well where everyone else fails and increase their chances of being a better manager and leader.

No matter how tough the situation might be, an introvert’s cool head helps him to prevail. Due to their calm personality, they can easily avert panic in the ranks and reduce the chances of workplace conflicts. Introverts try to find suitable solutions to the problems instead of creating panic. This attitude increases the chances of your team to overcome obstacles and roadblocks that your team might encounter.

6. They Are Organized and Well Prepared

They Are Organized and Well Prepared - TaskQue BlogWhen it comes to presentations and meetings, introverts are not great at it. To cover this weakness, they usually tend to over prepare. They usually prefer fewer and shorter meetings and do not like to waste time. Introverts usually plan for the future and complete their preparation before attending meetings and giving presentations so they can impress the audience or peers. These characteristics also come in handy when it comes to risk management. All these qualities make introverts well organized and proactive employee, which reflects positively on their productivity at work.

7. They Are More Productive

They Are More Productive - TaskQue BlogIntroverts stay miles away from gossips and unconstructive chitchat. This helps them to be much more productive as compared to extroverts who spend most of their time babbling. The ability of introverts to be active listeners, organized, focussed and attentive also helps them to complete assigned tasks much promptly as opposed to their extrovert colleagues.

8. They Let Extroverts Shine

They Let Extroverts Shine - TaskQue BlogLast, but certainly not the least is that introverts never try to steal the limelight. It is due to introverts that extroverts are able to fully express themselves. They never come in the way of extroverts and let them bask in the glory instead of wrangling to steal the limelight. Due to this, introverts and extroverts go along very well and team up to deliver exceptional results.

Some people take this attitude of introverts and label it as lack of ambition. Research conducted by Dr. Colin DeYoung also highlighted it and concluded that this lack of ambition is falsely attributed to introverts. There is no such evidence to prove it. Hence, it would be an injustice to call introverts as non-ambitious. In fact, they are doing their best to avoid conflicts and ensure smoother operations.

Final Word

Introvert employees are as important to your business as extrovert employees. A balanced blend of both personalities is what makes up a great team. Introverts have qualities that can go a long way in making them more productive, organized and focused employees. This automatically translates into your business success. After reading this article, you must have realized that hiring introverts is not as bad as you might have initially thought. So go ahead and hire those silent, reserved ones to give your team the composure and calm it needs to succeed in the chaos and clammer that we call the workplace.

Do not forget to share your opinions in the comments section below. Looking forward to reading and responding to your insightful comments. Cheers!

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