Repetitive Tasks are Costing a Fortune to Startups; Here is the Solution!

Repetitive Tasks

If we go a few years back, where most things were done manually, it was impossible to compare machines with humans. If you ask now, humans are becoming goofballs while the machines are learning.

I call it, ‘there’s an app for that’ syndrome. Nowadays, there is an app for everything. Moreover, if there isn’t one, check back after an hour and you’ll find the app live on the play store.

In our business and personal lives, repetition is considered a curse. The idea of automation is to eliminate repetitive tasks from your list. Previously, you had to wait for long hours to know the next movie show. To get a table in a famous restaurant, you had to wait out interminable lines, and even then, it was sheer luck. Did you find it exasperating to compare prices from various vendors? To help you save some time in doing the same things again and again, entrepreneurs have come up with applications to deal with all the repetition in your daily life. Thanks to the connected home and Internet of Things (IoT).

A survey has concluded that employees prefer to work less on repetitive tasks like data entry, and more on rewarding tasks. Here is how automation can take all your pain away and systematize those meaningless manual tasks.

Eradicate Repetitive, Manual, and Boring Tasks

One way in which employees can benefit from automation is by eliminating productivity-killing tasks so that they can focus on the important stuff.  In a study, it was concluded that 40% of workers feel like they are continually doing manual, repetitive tasks which are occupying a significant chunk of time at their workplace.

Automation will produce new opportunities

70% of employees feel that instead of wasting time in a repetitive activity, they can avail more chances at that time.

Which of the tasks can be labeled  automated tasks? Here are a few examples of repetitive tasks which are better off automated:

Data Collection: Eliminate human error by automatically collecting, uploading, and syncing the data with an online tool.

Approvals: Be more efficient by automating sign-ins, signoffs, and leave applications.

Recursive task: Use the TaskQue’s recursive feature to assign repeating functions with constant daily, weekly, or periodic reminders. For instance a manager can set deadline reminders every week to stay ahead of time. This will aid in completing the project on-time.

Updates: Automatically ask for status updates for each project which will save much time.

Workers feel that automating these tasks will bring the wasted time and human error down to 69%.

More time to create high-value work

You might be thinking that if automating tasks frees up most of your time, what would you do in all that free time? Simple. With free-time, you will be able to double-check your work. Be more creative and brainstorm more ideas regarding your next marketing campaign.

Constant Innovation is the new survival system. More than 70% of the work in the warehouses of Alibaba is now automated:

If there is more time for the employees, they can make creative next-level innovations. A survey revealed that 43% of people believe that automation leads to more exceptional teamwork and ever-lasting innovation.

More Personal Time

Workers of today don’t just want to slave away their days. They are looking for a better work-life balance. Old employees might often feel okay with giving most of the time to work, but newer generation get fed-up with the hectic work routine. Which is why it is vital to do some brainstorming team building activities to gel in with the team. If people can automate things, they will leave work early and spend some quality time with their family.

When workers take some time off from work, it is good for business. They get some time to be creative. You can do these things when you are away from work. When workers unplug from work, they get time to rejuvenate and unwind.

Are you beating your competition?

Fearsome competition exists out there, making everything automated. Do you want to risk your sales on manual hard labor?

I don’t think it is a wise decision. You must step-up and invest in making things automated. A large percentage of people in Silicon Valley believe that automation is the future of startups. If you’re starting out and not automating things as you scale, it will be impossible for you to compete with the competition.

Is there a Potential in Automation?

The information workers are ready to sort out their things and automate them to take care of the high-value tasks. It is time for organizations to rethink their work style, the bottlenecks in the process, and how to make things effective? Workers are ready for businesses to leverage automation to increase efficiency and free up time so that everyone can contribute to business success. Are you?