Is SaaS eLearning Authoring Tool The Answer To Your Sales Training Woes


The sales department of a business house is the fulcrum around which other departments tend to rotate. It is the heart of a business house. Almost all of us must have seen sales guys chasing clients. In all fairness, it’s one of the most thankless jobs in the history of mankind. 

Sales guys keep running around with new and better proposals. They’re the ones working behind the scenes in order to drive sales growth. All of our paychecks are a result of the sales team’s sincere efforts.  It’s time that these lads from the sales team are given the respect they deserve. 

The sales guys need to be trained before they can go out there and make their presence felt, be it software training or Soft Skills Training. Efficient sales training allows them to enhance their skillsets. Learning new skills while refurbishing the existing ones is a great way to expand the gamut of knowledge. Ultimately, all of these skills will help boost the company’s sales.

Sales training has other benefits as well. Once the employees are trained, you can retain them. In this way, you’ll be able to save a lot of money and effort. You don’t want to be spending your day conducting interviews, right? Recruiting personnel happens to be a tedious task. You need employees who are good enough to go the mile. 

Online sales training tools offer an opportunity to salespeople who want to widen their scope of knowledge.  Authoring software can help you put an end to all the woes and worries faced by salespeople.

Some benefits: 

Interactivity: queries can be cleared in real-time. Online support can be asked for in case of doubts. Also, chat forums are available. At times, salespeople might find it difficult to understand a given module. They can always seek online help in order to clear all of their doubts.  They can also mark an assignment as undone if they want. The same can be revisited later. The worksheets are available in multiple languages.


The access is instant:  Training programs can be accessed by learners at any time during the day. You don’t necessarily have to go through them during office hours. Save the links to all of the worksheets. These can be worked upon during the weekends as well. In short, you can work on an assignment in your own time.

Customizations are available: Different employees have different requirements. You need an authoring tool that is open to customizations. Worksheets need to be designed as per the needs of the individuals. Elearning outsourcing can help cater to different kinds of audiences. The modules can be customised and reshaped according to the needs and requirements of your users.

Flexibility matters: Employees have a habit of accessing worksheets on a desktop. There are those who access them using laptops and smartphones. Take this for an example: A large number of users access Elearning worksheets on their desktops (in office). In case the same isn’t accessible on the smartphone or laptop, then a user will have to complete it the next day. This sounds a bit inconvenient, doesn’t it? For a module to be deemed engaging and user-friendly, it should be accessible on a wide variety of devices. 

Feedback is the most important part: The best part about online Elearning tools is: they offer real-time feedback. All queries can be cleared as soon as they are raised. In this way, communication gaps are taken care of.


So, to top it all, SaaS learning tools are the answer to all of the woes plaguing the salespeople. Almost all of the challenges faced by salespeople, right from language barriers to feedback and suggestions, are taken care of by