8 Lesser Known Secrets of Effective Time Management


The online world is full of stories and articles related to the stress and challenges that an entrepreneur have to face while they were venturing for success. Entrepreneurs know already that fundraising is a tiring job as it gets really hard to find people who are willing to invest their money for the execution of your idea. But apart fund-raising, another menace that haunts entrepreneurs is time management.

Time management is critical for the long term success of any entrepreneurial venture. Not only it determines the overall productivity but it also allow the business owner to manage time, so as to increase the overall productivity of the team working for the attainment of a uniform task. Second, it also bears massive impact on the psychological disposition. If a business owner is not good at time management, both him and his employees will constantly remain in a state of stress that develops due to the lack of effective practices mainly in the task completion areas. Time management is also a critical practice to be learned by students at colleges and universities, with all the daunting assignments and quizzes bombarding students at one time, without the presence of time management it will be nearly impossible for them to manage all their work load.

Here is an infographic that has 8 proactive practices for effective time management put to place for the readers to take benefit from. This infographic s brought to you by TaskQue, an effective task management software that aids you in time management. With its use coupled with the techniques mentioned, we are sure you are going to create a winning mix of time management practices for your daily work procedures.

Secrets of Effective Time Management

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  1. ‘Time is money.’ It’s true; ask any manager. Another adage that fits is ‘Work smarter, not harder.’ Focus on one task at a time instead of doing too many tasks at once and not doing anything properly, (‘The lazy man’s load;’ when you carry too much and it all falls.) Also, even though the idea is for everyone to get along and help each other out because ‘we are a team’ is a good business model, this adage might be an important one to consider: ‘Learn to say no.’ Finish your task first, then, if you are able, help others. It’s like when you’re flying and the flight attendant says to put your oxygen mask on first. You get the idea. Finally, there is no shortage of quotes and adages similar to ‘a messy desk is a sign of a messy mind.’ I like: ‘stay organized’. Organization is key. You will be more efficient and effective if you manage your tasks successfully through detail and structure. So, work in a timely manner, do one thing at a time and do it well, finish your task before endeavoring to help a colleague, and stay organized. ‘That’s my two cents.’