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Secure Funds for Your Startup - TaskQue Blog

7 Ways to Secure Funds for Your Startup

I’m not gonna start off by telling how tough and frustrating it can be to secure funds for your startup. I’m sure most of...

Starting a Business from Scratch? 7 Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets

You have just graduated from college and find yourself at the brink of a forked road. You can take the safer route by looking...
Repetitive Tasks

Repetitive Tasks are Costing a Fortune to Startups; Here is the Solution!

If we go a few years back, where most things were done manually, it was impossible to compare machines with humans. If you ask...

Small Business Ideas and Opportunities for Housewives to do at Home in 2019

Twenty years ago, Sheela was just the wife of Kochouseph Chittilapally, owner of a successful company V-Guard, an electrical appliances manufacturer based in Kerala....
Tech Startup

5 Things You Should Know about the Perfect Time to Launch a Tech Startup

Every exciting and adventurous journey comes to an end.27 years after designing some of the most disruptive products with Steve Jobs, Jony Ive has...

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