Report Issues to Get help from Experts; TaskQue Community is Here to Supercharge Your Team

taskque community

The need of the moment is to team up with a diverse group of people within the organization to launch products, stay-in-touch, and even execute successful events.

One cannot afford the luxury of time just to coordinate on marketing campaigns, manage social media channels, plan and collaborate on events. TaskQue helps you progress in each of these activities and stay informed when it comes to keeping track of running projects.

If you have used TaskQue, there is good news waiting for you. If you haven’t, it is high time to upscale your productivity with this marvelous tool.

Only recently, we launched the TaskQue Community to help our customers report issues and seek help from the experts in the industry.

The community promotes the discussions of important topics, including tips & tricks from productivity gurus on project management and business management.

The community is a wonderful place to find new project ideas, make a request for a feature, vote for the suggestions given by other users and help us prioritize features which can meet the needs of our customers.

Share your success stories

In the product feedback section, you can share your project success stories to inspire others. Which feature of TaskQue helped you double your profit, just like our client Branex did when they were having a challenging time organizing their projects.

You can even read rousing stories of others, which can motivate you to rethink your priorities.

Discuss Task Management issues

Approaching deadlines make shivers run down the backs of most project managers. To work out your task & time management issues, you can discuss with experts or people in your community to pick their brains on your task management issues.

If missing deadlines is starting to feel too habitual, it is best to act out and ask for help. Sometimes you might be able to help someone, other times, other people will reciprocate the favor and help you out of a pickle.

Trouble starting a new project? Join the general discussion

Do you find yourself procrastinating and putting off projects? Do you find it a hard nut to crack to figure out how to get things done? Do you have trouble deciding what you need to do? Whether you’re a struggling Entrepreneur or a highly successful project manager, TaskQue community will help you take a leap with your new project. Simply launch a new topic in general discussion and let people assist you with your project.

TaskQue Training

Are you having trouble using TaskQue? Why not start a topic in TaskQue training? Attend live webinars, get training form our product experts, and get drilled in how to make the best of every feature in TaskQue. Learn how your business can utilize and maximize your team efficiency with our training.

Learn from the best

If you want to expand your business, you just need to connect with the right kind of people. Why wait when you can check the updates in the tips and tricks section from our industry experts and take your business to the next level.

We would love to hear from you

At TaskQue, feedback from our customers directly influence which features we release for our project-management software.

No, we won’t bash you; in fact, we will reward you for your feedback which can help us hone in on our product.

Our aim is to make our tool the ultimate productivity tool for our customers. Provide your suggestions on how we can improve the tool or which of the features you find the best and want us to keep those features intact.

Joining the TaskQue Community gets you even more value out of your investment in TaskQue. It’s your key to connecting with other leading teams, learning best practices from experts, and shaping the future of your product.