TaskQue Till 2018: A Journey in Review


2017 marked the rise of TaskQue, when it made its presence felt and grabbed the attention of a wide array of users. Continuing from where we left off in 2017, TaskQue managed to scale new heights in 2018, making it a fascinating year for us. For those who have not heard of TaskQue yet, TaskQue is an innovative productivity management software that optimizes resource utilization and maximizes your productivity with its unique task allocation process.

In this article, our team excitedly looks back at 2018 and reminisces some of the highlights of how TaskQue evolved in 2018 and went from good to phenomenally stellar.

TaskQue 2.0: Visual Approach to Productivity

TaskQue needed an interface revamp and that is exactly what it got in the latest version, dubbed “TaskQue 2.0”. It doesn’t just stop at aesthetics. Ditching the more traditional on-boarding process, TaskQue turned on a new leaf by adopting a visual onboarding process to ensure smoother transition for new users.

In addition to this, the latest version of TaskQue lets you convert your To-Dos into tasks. By offering standardized workflows, TaskQue is catering to the demands of myriad industries. This means that you can now use TaskQue regardless of the industry you belong to.  What makes TaskQue stand out from the crowd is its ability to adjust according to your business needs.

Unlike other software that keep nudging you to tweak your workflows to align with software processes, TaskQue adjusts automatically to your whims. Taking this functionality and improving on it even further, TaskQue is offering the best of both worlds with workflow templates. You can either choose a workflow template or create one from scratch, as you deem best.

Empowering Customers With 60-Days Free Trial

Continuing with our tradition of delivering better value to our esteemed customers, TaskQue is now offering a 60-day free trial. Previously, TaskQue let you try its innovative features absolutely free of charge for 30 days. Now, we have extended it to 60 days, so you can continue to break your productivity records for longer with our productivity centric features.

Irresistible Cyber Monday Offer

To make 2018 more memorable for our customers, TaskQue made the holiday season even better with its amazing Cyber Monday Offer. TaskQue offered businesses an opportunity to add 100 users and save up to $3000 for the first six months. Yes, you read that right; $3000. I bet Cyber Monday has never been more interesting.

What Experts Say About TaskQue?

Take a look at what experts have to say about TaskQue.

Praveen Malik, Owner of PM by PM said,

“I did a dry run of TaskQue and found it very useful. It has a refreshing interface and an intuitive dashboard. The best thing is onboarding. A new user can immediately adapt to itNew users can easily create projects & tasks and assign responsibilities. It’s integration with Slack makes collaboration much easier.

twitter: https://twitter.com/praveen_malik
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pmalik/

George Jucan, Ex-president of PMI SOC said,

“TaskQue allows us to efficiently manage the team’s activities from everywhere and on any device – from office on your desktop, at home from your laptop, or on the go on your phone.

And I don’t know about others, but I certainly prefer to do a 2:00 AM conference call from my home office, take notes and assign tasks right there and then – so the entire team from around the world is updated in real-time with what is to be done”


Twitter: https://twitter.com/gjucan/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gjucan/?originalSubdomain=ca

Mike Vardy, Founder of Productivist said,

“I’ve played around a bit in TaskQue and of all the features I find compelling (the Que feature, data analysis for tasks, etc.)  I really like the ability to choose a workflow type. It really allows you to choose what workflow style will work best for a project type and lets you work in one app to make that happen. If you’re doing a content workflow project, then perhaps Kanban or Scrum is what you’ll want to use – but for a product launch there is a workflow that is more suitable. Having workflow options to this degree is something that is rare in a task management app. For those who tend to overload themselves with tasks, the workload limit is a nice touch. You can set your limit to have a certain amount of tasks on your plate per project, which can help with focus and stave off overwhelm. While the task management tool space is a crowded one, I think that TaskQue offers some unique components that will help it gain traction and perhaps even thrive in the space.”

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikevardy

Carlos Pampliega, Director of PMI, Spain Chapter said,

“I think that TaskQue adapts to the requirements of those we have been commenting on in the interview and that is already a reality in modern organizations where there is a culture of transparency and collaboration”

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cjpampliega
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carlospampliegapmleadership/?locale=en_US

Carl Pullein, Productivity Podcaster said,

I have had a look at it and as a team-based productivity tool I think it has potential

twitter: https://twitter.com/carl_pullein
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carlpullein/

Mike Clayton, Project management trainer

I’ve not had a chance to look at it in detail, because at the moment, my projects aren’t collaborative, and that looks like the area TaskQue is strongest. It looks great, though.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MikeClayton01
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/MikeClayton/

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We have a lot in store for you for 2019 but will not spill the beans right now. Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed.